Truelite's Tantalizing Tater Tots (Healer OT)

90 Troll Priest
I've not met a fruit that I wouldn't eat <3

But some fruits (cantaloupe, honeydew being a good example) need to be grown under the right conditions. Farmers' stand melons are always superior.

Same with carrots.

How anyone can eat store bought carrots is beyond me. They're so gross.

carrots grown at home are so much better. Crunchy in a good way, and ever so mildly sweet.
90 Pandaren Priest

lmao this lag on malganis
100 Goblin Priest
>priest "buffs" actually going in

What? You can't keep up? Sounds like a L2P issue to me. Bring back a couple hundred different logs and we can look over them to see if we're really as "OP" are you seem to claim we are.

100 Night Elf Druid
ooooommmmggggggg its paaaaatch daaaaaaaaaaay *vibrates out of chair in excitement*

man if i'd known the servers would be up at a reasonable time i'd have taken a work from home day. :P

also its hot n sour soup day at the cafe. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

best tuesday. xD i love tuesdays.

i love all of you.

i can't wait to spec into ysera's gift. "they told me i could be anything, so i became a healing stream totem" is my motto for 5.4 xD
100 Tauren Priest
i thought blizzard learned their lesson from the last itty bitty island area of putting everyone on the same spot <,<

71 Troll Druid
72 is too warm. My apt is 66/67 most days.

I keep mine a 55 or so.
100 Gnome Monk
i thought blizzard learned their lesson from the last itty bitty island area of putting everyone on the same spot <,<


Sleepy RP server FTW! ;)

Okay, we're typically medium but we're still not exactly crowded.
90 Night Elf Druid
got my cloak gg to easy
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100 Gnome Monk
I'm thinking about bringing a pack of Tarot cards to work for the next time a co worker has to call the support line for a very large and dominant business software company. We'll see which one produces better results. My bets are on the Tarot cards. They'll at least be entertaining.

This company's support was once compared to the Psychic Friends Network. PFN came out ahead in several areas and tied on accuracy. After listening to two separate calls I can believe it. After being on the phone for 4 hours installing multiple hot fixes that fixed nothing, all necessitating reboots, "Have you tried restarting the server?" *facepalm*

Edit: Add some rant tags where appropriate.
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90 Human Priest

ahahaha illidan.
100 Tauren Priest
90 Troll Priest
did you break it?
100 Gnome Monk
09/10/2013 12:14 PMPosted by Rapsidy

After I get off work I'm going to head to the Shire, err, Earthen Ring then sit back, pull out a pipe and watch the crazy world of high pop servers go by. What I would give for a strikeout tag.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Almost got legendary cloak.

100 Tauren Priest
Got my cloak time to try and kill Ordos!
100 Draenei Priest
Stuck at work. I hate you all.

I might have time to pick up my cloak before raid this evening :\
90 Troll Priest
Stuck at work. I hate you all.

I might have time to pick up my cloak before raid this evening :\

I'm stuck at work too, don't feel too bad. The torture will be over shortly.
100 Blood Elf Monk
I won't be able to get mine since I get home just in time to raid. Guess I'll be grinding after raid.
100 Tauren Priest

To break my 4 piece or not for that.
Edited by Rapsidy on 9/10/2013 12:55 PM PDT
90 Blood Elf Priest
And someone wants me to bring my holy/prot pally to a Flex run, before the SoO normal run, since I need to save this toon's Flex lockout for Friday and our guild run. Maybe I should read up on paladin changes before then?

Iri, what is the name and spec of your Horde priest? We have 20 people confirmed for Flex, but *only* 3 healy priests and 1 shadow priest. We definitely need more lifegripping opportunities. :D

<--- This is me, Pipi!

But are you talking about tonight? Looks like my guild is pumped & expecting to be able to Flex run SoO tonight (and possibly do some normal mode bosses, if the OT-turned MT and the DK-turned-OT are willing to give it a shot, if we down the Flex bosses with time to spare & have 10 warm bodies)
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