(Holy) SH or EF first few bosses of SoO?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
So what have you all experienced with the new SH play style stepping into SoO first night? I haven't touched SH yet, so used to EF spot healing still, and managed mid pack of healers in my 25man raid tonight just by my usual play style.

Lets hear some feedback on people who gave SH a shot in SoO, and what your stat priority will be or what you think will be best for the first few bosses in SoO as progression. Looking for answers on SH or EF, and stat priority for each, would definitely help me out on my 2nd night raiding tomorrow, thanks!
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90 Troll Shaman
I'm doing 10s, so my EF is working well, using a haste > crit GoL build. I'm assuming SH with probably a mastery build is better for 25s where you can spend HoPo faster. But I can't math and don't do 25s, so can't exactly confirm.

Unfortunately I can not post from my paladin now since I just xferred servers earlier.
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90 Human Paladin
Without reforging anything from what I had in 5.3, I've been using EF. It has overtaken IH for my top healing spell and that is only running at the first haste BP. Only up to Gera-something so far though. Think I may give SH a try next week.

I will say I'm running 10 man so it may be considerably different than the results you'd be seeing in 25 man.
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90 Human Paladin
My raid group wont start norm SoO till tonight, but did get to run flex with 23 people. I started every fight with SH and a heavy mastery build, then switched to a this build after every wipe.

At the start of every fight, when dmg was under control and people were paying attention to mechanics, SH was easily better than EF. Doing a simple judgement->holy radiance->holy shock->LoD/WoG rotation built up bubbles better than i expected, but did cause way more overhealing than i was use to.

once the fights got messy and the raid began avoiding mechanics and eating dmg, the general chaos+inexperience with SH made it feel extremely clunky, and i'd switch to EF. Using the spell felt no different than pre5.4, but obviously the change to EF's mastery bubble greatly reduced healing from mastery.

Overall id say they were fairly well matched for right now, with EF taking a slight lead simply due to familiarity.
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