Thanks Blizzard, mogu runes of fate

90 Goblin Death Knight
They upped the coins back to 2500, or thats what is saying on my vendor atm
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100 Tauren Paladin
its 1000 coins, im here checking them right now
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100 Dwarf Hunter
My feedback on this...

I don't understand the choice to go from Elder coins -> mogu runes -> whatever the new one is in the first place.

I understand changing it from xpac to xpac - but from raid tier to raid tier? It just seemed like an excessive number of currencies to me. I still have a huge stack of lesser coins from when I was collecting them but able only to spend them on mogu runes which I wasn't ready to use yet.
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20 Human Warlock
I have 4 four characters at level 90. Three have been ninety for awhile and have gear scores in excess of 520. These have no problem getting coins and have tens of thousands on them, with on real use for them that I see. My newest 90 has a GS below 490 and it is very difficult to get the coins unless I group up. It just seems ironic that those who need the coins the least have no problem getting them, while those who need them the most struggle to acquire them. I really don't think Blizz really thought this through.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
It's lowered because who even needs ToT anymore? You can get into LFR siege by opening boxes on the isle.

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100 Draenei Paladin
Why not make them buyable with all these dang lesser charms? Seriously I have over 30K of the things on my main.

And I use them to try and get the LfR pets, not gear. I don't need anything but the sandling and the too cute direhorn pets.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
It's lowered because who even needs ToT anymore? You can get into LFR siege by opening boxes on the isle.


Pets. Mounts. Mog gear(lol?) Gold. Sha crystals. Valor to upgrade new gear. Alts getting 502 tier > 496 gear.

Lots of reasons to run ToT still. We may not need any gear in there but people do things for other reasons too.
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100 Worgen Warrior
I still run it for the Shield from Liar Shen. Since i've had some of the worst luck for gear drops. been using the same shield from Mogu Vaults spirit kings. from before ToT was even available. every week i dump a coin on Liar shen. grrr now im even looking into SoO for a shield.
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