(25m)So how did everyone perform last night

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hmm my logs seemed right. The only thing that seemed kind of low was RJW at 6.8% but i just figured that was due to smart healing making it be lower overheal typically. This was my breakdown

Uplift 34%
RnM 29%
Chi Burst 13%
RJW 6.8%

This is your Malkorok kill

You had sub 10% overheal on both ReM and Uplift.
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Spoils logs are pretty broken atm as well. My HR on Mal was 60% over heal :(
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Oh woops. Thought you were saying they had low healing on Malkorok. Missed that you were showing overhealing.
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Some of the logs seem even more le broken now. Skada reporting me in game on fights at 90K-120K HPS, WoL reporting me at 60K HPS (well below tanks). I mean I'm not great but I don't think I'm THAT bad. :P

I know I'm not in a 25m but I do enjoy this discussion of logs anyway.
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09/13/2013 02:07 PMPosted by Weetabix
Some of the logs seem even more le broken now. Skada reporting me in game on fights at 90K-120K HPS, WoL reporting me at 60K HPS (well below tanks).

A lot of it depends on who's logging with you.

Norushen might not be 100% accurate because of the different realms. Same with Galakras and if you go to the tower and the logger doesn't, the distance might be too far for the combatlog to catch everything.

As for Malkorak, seems like a lot of AoE auras and just AoE spells in general are being screwed over by the shields. Not sure why, but it's interesting.
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I was the one logging, that's what's weird about it. Some of the logs match skada, some are so far off its bananas. Not that I expect skada to be very accurate, I typically trust WoL over it by far.

according to this, our resto shaman had 206K HPS on galakras, followed by the monk and at 170K HPS.


Those numbers all seem highly unlikely. And in this fight, it was the monk who went to the towers, and the shaman and I stayed ground, and according to Skada she was doing around 80K HPS, I was at I think 119, and the monk was skewed bad down to 50K HPS I assumed because of his distance from me.

It says my harmony uptime is 50% which cannot possibly be accurate. it also seems to claim that I didn't cast swiftmend... ever in that fight.
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On galakras, on my own logs at least... it's only recording the fight after he lands. Which is why the numbers are very high and the fight duration is very low.

For example: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/plm37k81tqis0mct/sum/healingDone/?s=7176&e=7272
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