What the hell mage? (proving grounds)

90 Blood Elf Priest
Okay so I did proving grounds on my Alliance druid after I got my cloak, and got through bronze/silver/gold easily. Got to endless and wiped a few times because I was being conservative when I shouldnt be, and going crazy when I shouldn't have.

Anyways so after a few attempts I get past the 20th wave. I'm so excited! My mana is good, I was able to contribute enough dps to drink and I can feel the title coming. There were some close calls where I hardly scraped by (Tunnelers, Aqua debuff things, and hive singers at the same time with a conqueror) but I made it!

So here I am at wave 28 or 29 I dont remember due to the rage that followed, but I had 80% mana and all of my cd's available. If the worst possible thing happened, I had plenty of mana in reserve to span regrowth.

This will be it! I will get my title woot! GG ME! Guess what happens...

Mage at full health, suddenly drops dead. She took a fireball and stood in fire at the exact same moment and got literally 1 shot. I mean, I knew big dmg was coming, but I wasn't aware that I would need a time machine to keep her alive. Then she yelled at me! "You should use fast healing spells for that!"

Screw you mage, screw you. I hope you die in a fire-- Oh wait.

If blizzard wanted this to represent pugs they did a good job. The freaking mage even spams arcane blast in melee.

Absolutely worthless.

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100 Night Elf Druid
Hahaha, I feel you. The AI really is quite... lifelike! Wiping at wave 29 from some wacky shenanigan is a major groaner.
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90 Human Monk
If blizzard wanted this to represent pugs they did a good job. The freaking mage even spams arcane blast in melee.

I'm honestly convinced that's what they were going for.

The NPCs they give you are !@#$%.
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100 Draenei Shaman
I think I saw the hunter npc just standing there twiddling his thumbs during a wave :p
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