How much information does Healbot show you?

90 Night Elf Monk
When it's out-of-the-box, with very little configuration done, how does Healbot show you debuffs?

Specifically, I'm wondering about the debuffs on the Protectors fight. It seemed like my healers couldn't see Garrote and they couldn't see how many stacks of Bane were on someone. I'm tanking, and I use the default raid frames, which show me everything bright and clear. It's very weird to have my healers ask "Why is the mage taking so much damage?" when it's perfectly clear to me that he has Garrote.

Is that a Healbot thing?
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100 Human Paladin
I haven't used Healbot in a couple of years so I can't answer to specifics. It all depends on how your healers have their frames configured. Some healers have them set up so they only display debuffs they can dispel. Garrote (as far as I know) isn't dispellable so it may not be displayed for them.

Personally I have my frames set up to show all debuffs and then I manually blacklist those that are minor/ignorable. That takes a bit more effort but that way I can track if someone needs more healing or a Hand spell because they have a nasty debuff on them.
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Out of the box it shows what click will cast what spell, what hots they have on them from you, your debuffs(such as a priests shield debuff), how much health they have and have lost, predicted amount of incoming heals, and when they can be dispelled by you.
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If I recall, "out of the box" healbot only shows dispellable debuffs, specifically just debuffs that you can dispel. So something like Garrote usually needs to be added in manually. Which is a really simple task so long as you know what the debuff is called.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Yep. Most raid frames addons come with a preconfigured list of important raid debuffs, so they're usually fine as long as you get the latest version as soon as a patch drops. But Healbot doesn't; anything that you want to see has to be added in manually.
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