raiding advice

90 Worgen Priest
with all the gear dropping on the timeless isle , my iLvL is steadily climbing and im now eligible for LFR.
however im a dirty dirty noob , this is my first toon , ive never raided before and i dont know what to expect or even how healing a raid would work .
so im after some advice on what to expect , things i should do to prepare myself etc

thanks in advance
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MVP - World of Warcraft
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Now go practice in LfR until your eyeballs bleed and you can do all your healing without even thinking about it.

I wouldn't entirely tell him to do that. When you condition yourself to play a certain a certain setting, then you condition yourself to essentially poor personal play.

I can agree with you on all other fronts though;

To the OP: If you're a bit "camera shy" and want to try out what healing is like by yourself - try Proving grounds. They test your ability to really see what your class is like. It sort of forces you to piece together what this or that ability might do. I think you'd like it.

Following that, try a few five mans, and then see how you feel about it then. Starting in PVE can be very intense, and very fun so you want to pace yourself. If you're confident after a few (or a lot, whichever works for you), try LFR or Flex. LFR is there for you to see the content, Flex is there for you to play with 10-25 (Any number in between) with friends to find a good challenge.

When looking at your UI, you really should try to find something that fits you. While any other pre-made UI definitely works, a UI should be catered to how you learn and how you react.

Don't forget to gem and enchant your gear either! If you need a bit more assistance with Priest mechanics, we have a lovely Priest forums located here with some stickies you might want to check out:

Here at the healing forum we discuss anything from specific classes down to healing theory. You're welcome to join in on the conversation at any time! :)
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