Boulderfist & Bloodscalp

I'm sure many of you have already heard Boulderfist and Bloodscalp are going to be the first connected realms.

I want to be one of the first to say I look forward to having other people that breath playing the game. :)

My guild died long long ago and we will be looking for a new home once the connections are finalized. We have very very few guilds on Bloodscalp unfortunately, so we are excited to be able to have people to play with.

We too are unbalanced like you guys, but heres to hoping that instead of being ridiculously out numbered, we are only slightly outnumbered, and FFS, I hope our new combined Auction House is a million times better than it is now.

Cheers new friends!
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Stay away from my Auction House and wipe your feet before you walk in the door. The fridge is off limits and your donation of beer can go in the cooler. Make sure to keep it topped off with plenty of ice.
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Hopefully this breathes new life back into both servers, but I fear the combined alliance will still be underpopulated. With any luck things will go smoothly and our joint realm will connect to one with more alliance players at some point in the future.
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I think we will need a few more realms then just two to notice any change.

I for one wont be sticking around to see how it pans out.
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I think we will need a few more realms then just two to notice any change.
Nothing will change anyway. Bloodscalp's A:H imbalance is even worse than ours according to two different census sites, and Blizzard's official stance is "balance may not be the ultimate reason for a connection" because "most people on PvP realms like having a faction advantage."

The common response is to transfer, but Blizzard doesn't make faction representation officially accessible (afaik). Those census sites I mentioned only track characters, as opposed to the number of active accounts, so it's incredibly hard to make an informed decision (disregarding the fact that I made my decision 9 years ago under completely different circumstances).

The only thing I could see happening is Blizzard adding in a third server that's Alliance dominated, but that's unlikely unless they change their position.

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing all the new faces when we're connected :)
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I am so looking forward to this.

I heard you guys are worse off than us, but we still feel your pain. Even if both of our servers are worse for wear, I'm sure it will still be loads better than before.

I feel bad for your ally because, at least for now, the balance is still off and your AH might not benefit as much as ours. But as a horde player, yay! I can't wait.
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90 Orc Hunter
I am so looking forward to this.

Seconded! It'll be really nice to see this in action and hopefully both servers are going to be much better off. Maybe now I'll find a guild (ignore that it says I'm in one... no one is ever on in it so I'm using it as bank space rofl) instead of doing LFR... though with my schedule currently maybe LFR is best rofl.
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I find that Blizzard's stance on having a faction advantage is, frankly, unacceptable and completely counter-productive to what they are trying to do with the hundreds of class changes they have made over the last decade to balance PvP.

It is flat out unfair to the Alliance who go out to Timeless Isle and manage to take out the horde, who already outnumber us, over and over again as the horde numbers on the isle grow exponentially to the point where we just cannot defend ourselves anymore.

I don't mind losing in PvP. It happens. I don't care losing due to class imbalance, that will always be a problem in this game thanks to the design.

What I do care is losing just because I chose the wrong faction to play with on this server almost a decade ago and the fact that I refuse to pay to transfer my toons to the other side.

The horde side from both servers will remain unaffected from this change, and each one of you who have horde mains on both servers cannot admit otherwise.

That being said, however, I am also glad to see new faces and hopefully the Alliance AH will prosper once again.
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Look forward to having you all around...for the new Alliance we will be meeting my guild would love more active members!
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Looks like tomorrow is the big day!!

I'm crossing my fingers that this helps the servers as a whole, not make the Alliance afraid to go outside.
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90 Gnome Rogue
Even if you only bring 1 ally it will be an improvement to the 5 of us that are left.

PS LF new guild!
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Sorry if I don't join in on the enthusiasm. I don't see how combining two servers that are dead on the Alliance side is going to help anything. They should be combining servers with opposite population problems (i.e. high Horde/low Ally with low Horde/high Ally), especially for PvP servers.
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PS LF new guild!

Welcome to Halfhill is recruiting all tricklers of Synergist!
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As much as I hate you dirty Alliance. I do look forward in meeting new people on both side. :) /wave Boulderfist <3
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90 Blood Elf Priest

>.> <.<
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90 Orc Warrior

Is there going to be a combined realm forum where people from both realms can post recruitment info, general chat, etc?

yay for us!
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Im not really sure I get it. Is boulderfist and bloodscalp still there own server? Are they coming to boulderfist or are we going to bloodscalp or what?

Looking forward to farm you new horde on timeless. Sincerely Bullma/Bannix
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90 Dwarf Shaman
A quick search didn't find it, but I swear there was a post (or a tweet, maybe?) recently stating 'PvP servers are generally more horde and PvE servers are generally more alliance.' I thought it was the same post that stated that their goals weren't necessarily to bring faction balance.
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Im not really sure I get it. Is boulderfist and bloodscalp still there own server? Are they coming to boulderfist or are we going to bloodscalp or what?

Still their own servers, but we share all areas and (eventually) the AH, and can join guilds on each other's servers. It is essentially two servers sharing everything like the best of bros.
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Boulderfist definitely needed it; I'm glad its becoming active once again
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