Rare hunting on Timeless Isle

90 Worgen Druid
I've spent a couple of days on Timeless Isle, totally lost as everyone yelled that rare so-and-so was up. I never know where to go. I found some lovely maps and printed the one for rares, but you still have to find the name on the map after it's yelled, but by that time they are dead. Then I found an addon that puts an icon on the map for the location of each rare, but that's actually worse, because you don't know which is which.

Ideally, what I would like to have is an active addon that pops a message when a rare spawns (SilverDragon does this, not sure the range limit), then put a WP on the map and sets your TomTom arrow to point it.

In lieu of that, I think I will just manually compile a list of the (x,y) loc and when I hear the pop announcement, I will just manually make a WP and let TomTom guide me to it. Yes, I know that you get to where you know all this by memory, but by that time you'd be done with the Isle. Besides, I'm old...:)

Does anyone know of an addon like I described above ?

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions (except those about what to do my various body parts, what to insert in various orifices, i.e., no flames please).
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90 Worgen Druid
Still looking for input on this...
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90 Draenei Mage
I don't get it.. i thought it was last hit gets the loot

is it anyone that hits get the kill now?
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90 Orc Death Knight
I don't get it.. i thought it was last hit gets the loot

is it anyone that hits get the kill now?

That's it.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Here's the thing: most of those rares have so little health, and die so quickly, that if you're not right near them when they spawn, they'll be dead before you get there even if you know exactly where to go. Rather than attempting to kill every single rare that spawns, focus on a few at a time. Find an area where several spawn, and only go to those when they're called out. If you're up by the sanctuary and somebody calls out "Zesqua just spawned", it doesn't matter how quickly you ride there, it's going to be dead before you get there -- no add-on is going to change that.
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90 Human Priest
I really don't think this is possible.

You are asking for an addon that gives you more information that is made available to you. You can't know a rare spawn has spawned on the other side of the island, therefore an addon cannot present to you the information you don't have.

Yes, you could make a timer-like addon, but that wouldn't work for all adds as the respawn timers are not exact and the spawn locations vary as well. But, that's about as close as you could get. Sometimes Krol respawns in 45m, sometimes an hour +.
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88 Tauren Death Knight
I probably sound stupid noting this (I'm old too! :-) ) but if you see the silver arrow in your minimap and hover your mouse over it, it will tell you who it is. Does it in the rest of Pandaria too. I still get lost and I'm there with multiple characters every day...maybe someday I'll get it down but it sure is fun learning! :-) I get mad and just start whacking Elites while I wait for something to spawn that I may have well imagined and doesn't even spawn there.
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02/07/2014 12:15 PMPosted by Insoonkwinet
but if you see the silver arrow in your minimap and hover your mouse over it

Thats an addon you have, the default is a skull. And this thread is so old OP is not coming back..
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