Looking for the Armory?

The armory is seamlessly integrated within the new World of Warcraft community website. Look at the search box at the top of this page.

Character Profiles

Faster, easier to read, with more information and new functionality such as Character Audit, which helps you identify ways in which you can make your character even more powerful, new character profiles are a significant improvement.

Character Profile Shortcut

You can quickly jump to any character by typing the character’s name and realm separated by the "@" symbol into the search bar (character@realm).

Items Menu

All major item categories can be found quickly and conveniently via the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Simply mouse over the menu layers and follow the breadcrumbs to your desired item type.

Item Tooltips in Posts

When you’re discussing World of Warcraft with other players on the forums or commenting on the news in the community site’s blog, you can link directly to items in the new Armory and have an item tooltip pop up when other users mouse over the link. Handy!

Guild Profiles

The improved guild profiles now include additional information about your guild’s achievements, top contributors, perks, and more!

Searching For Guilds

Find guild profiles by searching for the guild’s name in the search box. You can also find guilds through character profile pages.

Auction House

You can still access your character’s auctions if you are logged in with your Battle.net account, but the layout has been revised for greater ease of access and user-friendliness.

Shortcut to your Auctions

Your character card also includes a shortcut that will take you to the auction house listing of your currently active character.

Have Fun!

Visit the World of Warcraft community website now to check out all the new features the Armory has to offer. And if you want to be able to access the Mobile Armory and the Auction House wherever you go, make sure to download our mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms now!

More features such as a new 3D viewer and other cool functionality are being developed right now and will find their way into the Armory soon; stay tuned!

Armory on your Mobile Phone

Download the Armory app for your smartphone today and access its features on the go! Available for iPhone and Android platforms!