Golden Lotus

Level 87 | Golden Pagoda, Vale of Eternal Blossoms The heroes of the Golden Lotus order are chosen from birth to devote their lives to the care and protection of the hallowed Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Getting Started

To unlock the gates to the Vale and begin your affiliation with the Golden Lotus, first head to the Temple of the White Tiger in the northeast of Kun-Lai Summit. You’ll need to complete a few trials before you’ll be permitted entry into the Vale.


Jaluu the Generous, located in the Shrine of Seven Stars
Weng the Merciful, located in the Shrine of Two Moons

Types of Rewards

  • Powerful level 90 trinkets; rare and epic armors of the vale; Mogu Runes of Paralysis that can stun your foes.
  • Unique Leatherworking and Tailoring patterns;
  • Epic Riding Cranes

Reputation and Quests

  • The Golden Lotus will charge you with the defense of the Vale. This demands that you explore the lands surrounding the Golden Pagoda, expose the plots of the sinister mogu (and eliminate their threat), descend into ancient ruins and more.
  • If you have reached revered reputation with the Golden Lotus, you can purchase a Grand Commendation from Jaluu the Generous or Weng the Merciful, which will increase your reputation gains.

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