Level 90 | The Celestial Court, Timeless Isle The last emperor of the pandaren and the source of their unique worldview, Emperor Shaohao became one with the land thousands of years ago to protect Pandaria from the horror of the Sundering. Shaohao’s spirit dwells on the Timeless Isle, where you can speak with him and see your attempts to preserve Pandaria rewarded.

Getting Started

Simply enter the Vale of Eternal Blossoms once you have reached level 90, and Chromie will automatically set you on a quest to reach the Timeless Isle.


Mistweaver Ku, located in the Timeless Isle’s Celestial Court

Types of Rewards

  • Sha Masks, hand-carved by the Monkey King himself, are similar to those Shaohao wore when he first drew out and defeated the Sha.
  • If you’ve learned to ride a cloud serpent, and earned enough Timeless Coins on the Isle, then the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, one of the grandest mounts in all Pandaria, will be yours.

Reputation and Quests

  • Defeating Yaungol in the dangerous upper part of the Timeless Isle will increase your reputation with Emperor Shaohao.
  • You’ll also earn timeless coins by participating in dynamic events and hunting rare treasures throughout the isle.

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