The Klaxxi

Level 90 | The Dread Wastes These ancient mantid paragons place the cycle of their race’s birth and feeding above all else – including the lives of lesser races and even the existence of their own tainted Empress.

Getting Started

Enter the Dread Wastes, located in the southwest of Pandaria. You can acquire a quest to reach the Wastes on the Serpent’s Spine Wall in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms – speak to Bowmistress Li to begin. She’ll send you on a series of quests that will culminate in a task from Marksman Lann to kill one of the mantid – Adjunct Kree’zot.

Inside the Dread Wastes, head to the Terrace of Gurthan in the northeast corner of the zone. You’ll encounter Kree'zot and learn the history of the Klaxxi through the quest “Psycho Mantid.” Prepare to journey throughout the wastes to awaken the remaining Klaxxi.


Ambersmith Zikk, located in Klaxxi’Vess near the center of the Dread Wastes.

Types of Rewards

  • Powerful epic armor (neck, pants, and belt slots) and amber-tipped weapons; Blacksmithing plans; epic mounts (the Reins of the Amber Scorpion), and epic-level Seals of the Paragons (rings)
  • Potent buffs that will imbue you with the power of the Klaxxi while you remain in the Dread Wastes, enabling you to twist the laws of reality.

Reputation and Quests

  • The Klaxxi will ask you to slay sha and corrupted mantid, waken more of their paragons, retrieve amber and kyparite, and undertake other tasks that will send you throughout the Dread Wastes. They offer both daily and story quests.
  • If you have a farm in the Valley of the Four Winds, you can complete a Klaxxi Work Order to raise your reputation.
  • After reaching revered reputation with the Klaxxi, you can purchase a Grand Commendation from Ambersmith Zikk, which will increase your reputation gains.

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