Betrayer of the Orcs
The first warlock, Gul'dan seeks to spread his influence—and the power of the Burning Legion—to all worlds.

Born on Draenor, the homeworld of the orcs, Gul'dan was once a member of the mystical Shadowmoon clan. Utterly obsessed with obtaining power, Gul'dan agreed to a secret alliance with the Burning Legion, a destructive army from beyond the stars. He drank demon blood and altered the fate of his people forever. The blood transformed his visage into something hideous, bent and twisted by demonic energies. With his lieutenants, he formed the nefarious Shadow Council.

Gul'dan intended to subjugate the orcs to the Burning Legion by convincing the legendary warlord Grommash Hellscream to drink demon blood as well. On the eve of victory, Gul'dan's plan crumbled. Grommash, advised by a strange prophet, revealed the warlock's treachery to all the clans. Instead of yielding control to the Burning Legion, Grommash forged an Iron Horde free to conquer Draenor through its own might. Gul'dan was made a prisoner. Yet chains will certainly not keep this delegate of the demons contained for long.


Gul'dan's bid for power landed him in chains, a captive of the Iron Horde deep in the heart of the Tanaan Jungle. In the shadow of the new Dark Portal, orcish armies have carved a blackened path of conquest through the trees, splitting the primeval forest into a wild morass on one side and a staging area for the Iron Horde's war machines on the other.

"We are chosen to be something greater, something darker, something glorious!"
Shadowmoon Clan
    Race Orc
    Gender Male
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