Burning Crusade


The biggest storms are often preceded by a sudden calm, as if the whole world stands still for a moment while the winds gather all their strength. This patch includes many important changes and improvements leading up to the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, including the new PvP Honor and Arena systems. Prove your worth on the Battlegrounds and earn new, powerful PvP Honor rewards, or take the ultimate test of your team PvP skills in the new Arena System. Also, you can already learn the new class talents that will help you brave the many challenges awaiting you in Outland and beyond.

There are many new, groundbreaking features to be found in this patch, but always remember – this is nothing but the calm…before the storm.

Revamped PvP Honor System

This new reward system will allow players to accumulate honor points that can be spent like currency to purchase weapons, armor, and various other items beneficial for player-vs.-player progression.

New Talents

Each class will now have access to all-new talents in each of their three talent trees.

Looking For Group Tool

This new tool is designed to assist players in finding groups for instanced dungeons and quests.

Arena Skirmishes

Players will be able to queue for small-group, gladiatorial combat matches by speaking to the Battlemasters throughout the world.

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