Wrath of Lich King


You’ve mastered the challenges of Outland, but are you ready for what’s yet to come? From the frozen north come tidings of a dormant evil awakening, filling the hearts and minds of Azeroth’s citizens with unease. Heroes across the land are preparing for the harsh journey ahead with a sense of anticipation and purpose. Echoes of Doom, the last major content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, lays the groundwork for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It adds a wealth of improvements and entirely new gameplay features to World of Warcraft.

Achievements System

The new achievements system tracks player accomplishments, from the purely whimsical to the truly epic, throughout their adventuring careers. A new interface displays which achievements you’ve earned, the progress you’ve made, and what’s left to be accomplished.

New Talents (Including 51-Point Talents)

The talent trees for each class have been overhauled and augmented with brand-new abilities, including the new 51-point talents.

New Profession: Inscription

The inscription profession, which allows players to create glyphs that modify spells and abilities, can now be learned in cities and trained up to 375 skill level. Inscription requires, among other things, herbs gathered with the herbalism profession.

Player Calendar

The new player calendar allows players to create and manage their own player-run events, such as weekly raids, and keep track of the many activities in World of Warcraft. This handy new tool can be accessed via the new calendar icon located near the minimap or through the Armory.


It’s a whole new you! Customize a character’s look with a stylish haircut or shave, or even reshape horns, tusks, and other select facial features. Visit the new barbershops in certain Alliance and Horde cities.

Mount and Pet Storage

Tired of lugging around an entire bag’s worth (or more) of mounts and pets? With the new mount and pet interface, you can make sure they’re with you at all times without having to worry about storage space.

Stormwind Harbor and Zeppelin Towers

Work has been completed on new travel hubs in familiar locations. Visit Stormwind or check out the areas near Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades for these new air and sea travel options.

New Hunter Pet Talents

Hunters can now configure their pets' abilities like never before with the addition of talent trees for pets and new pet abilities.

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