The Thunder King


Lei Shen, the ancient mogu Thunder King, once loomed over the continent of Pandaria, uniting the mogu clans under his rule. Were it not for his downfall, the pandaren, jinyu, hozen and more might still serve the mogu – and they may again. Now awakened from his tomb by his old allies, Lei Shen has returned, promising to reclaim his ancient empire.

Beside the heroes of the Shado-Pan and the champions of your faction, you’ll assault Lei Shen’s island to prevent the returned Thunder King from using his destructive powers against Pandaria, and claim his forgotten engines of war – quickly – before the enemy’s faction can turn them on you.

New Raid: Throne of Thunder

The Throne of Thunder is the remains of the mogu empire at the peak of its power and ostentation: towering chambers too vast to ever be used by ‘normal-sized’ races; hidden grottoes where the mogu once tried their hands at creation; vine-covered ruins now occupied by burgeoning armies, and the immense halls and audience chambers of Lei Shen himself. The raid includes 4 separate wings (with 13 total bosses), and supports 10 and 25-player groups and multiple difficulty levels.

New World Bosses

The rise of the Thunder King is accompanied by the emergence of frightful new creatures too willful to dwell inside a dungeon. Successfully dominating Lei Shen’s isle unearths Nalak, the Storm Lord, near the Throne of Thunder. Meanwhile, the terrifying Oondasta stalks the Isle of Giants off of the northern coast of Kun-Lai. Only the strongest groups can survive on this primeval island.

New Zone: Isle of Thunder

The Isle of Thunder is a gargantuan zone for player characters of maximum level, and its storm-fraught shores are rife with conflict and opportunity. In patch 5.2, you’ll advance the war effort on your server through quests relating to the island assault; as your faction progresses, one-time events will open up, allowing you to unlock and explore more of the island. You’ll help your faction leaders claim a beachhead, assault the city walls, and forge a path to the front door of the Thunder King’s palace. Once you’ve established a forward base, you’ll be able to pick from different types of quests – PvP or PvE – to continue advancing the story.

Loot is plentiful – we’ve added tons of new daily quests to the zone, with reward satchels that include tokens to summon killable bosses, and keys for the Treasure Room, a single-player loot-grabbing scenario. You’ll also be able to unlock new reward areas throughout the island, including the Lightning Forge: once used by the ancient mogu to craft weapons of titanic power, now co-opted by your side’s blacksmiths.

New Factions

The danger of Lei Shen’s return has summoned paragons of many paths to the Isle. The Shado-Pan Assault strives to topple the Thunder King before he can reform his army and grind Pandaria beneath his heel. They’ll recognize your progress in the Throne of Thunder raid (and trade you impressive gear for valor points).

The Alliance and Horde have also deployed their most experienced relic-hunters and spellweavers to bend the Thunder King’s powerful arsenal to their own purposes. Arriving on the island are the Horde’s Sunreaver Onslaught, captained by Lor’themar Theron, and the Alliance’s Kirin-Tor Offensive, guided by Jaina Proudmoore. Through these two groups, you’ll be able to purchase uncovered mogu technology, tamed mounts and more.

Legendary Questline, Continued

Wrathion, the Black Prince, wants to investigate the origins of the mogu’s power and, with luck, emulate them. You’ll work with the black dragon prince to learn the secrets of the old empire, and then help create a new, legendary artifact of age-old mogu design.

And More!

This is just the beginning – there’s a smorgasbord of newness coming in 5.2, including new Lorewalker artifacts, changes to Farmer Yoon’s plot (hint: time to be your own boss), hidden treasure chests, and much, much more.

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