Warlords of Draenor


New World of Draenor Back to Top

  • Draenor is now accessible! Characters can take the fight to the Iron Horde by stepping through the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands.
  • Seven new zones are now available for characters levels 90-100: Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley, Spires of Arak, Talador and Tanaan Jungle.

Take Command of Your Garrison Back to Top

  • Construct a mighty garrison: an enduring home base within the world. Tame a deadly realm, and build an unbreakable monument to victory.
  • Customize it with specialized structures like farms, stables, armories, workshops and more.
  • Recruit stalwart followers to man your base, and send them to loot dungeons, carry out missions, and craft items, even when you’re offline.

New Dungeons Back to Top

  • Seven brand new dungeons and a revamped version of Upper Blackrock Spire are now available for players levels 90-100 to plunder and loot.

Character Boost

  • Newly boosted characters in Warlords of Draenor now begin their experience in Tanaan Jungle with a basic set of spells and abilities for their class while becoming acquainted with your new hero. You will gradually unlock new class abilities and mechanics as you take part in a counterstrike against the Iron Horde to shut down the Dark Portal.

Quest System

  • The quest log and world map on Draenor now shows where main-story-arc quests and side quests can be found. Keep in mind there may still be some surprises along the way, and not everything will be listed—we don't want the quest log to spoil all the fun!
  • Some areas in Draenor have bonus objectives and its progress is tracked on the world map. Completing these bonus objectives will award extra gold and experience.
  • Quest rewards on Draenor now have a small chance to be better-than-expected. Instead of an uncommon-quality reward (green), there is now a chance for a rare (blue), or even an epic version (purple!).

Character and Class Changes Back to Top

  • The level cap has been increased to 100.
  • Characters can now earn Draenor Perks; permanent ability bonuses earned every other level from 92 to 98.
  • For full details of character and class changes, please see The Iron Tide: 6.0.2 Patch Notes.

Pet Battles

  • New Battle Pets can be found and tamed across Draenor.
  • A new roster of Grand Master Pet Tamers who have trained their battle pets in this savage world stand ready to give even the most seasoned Pet Tamers a challenge.

Challenge Mode

  • Race against the clock to finish all-new dungeons as quickly as possible for a new set of rewards, achievements, and titles.

PvP Back to Top

  • Warlords Season 1 begins on December 2nd, 2014!
  • Warlords PvP gear will have a secondary item level that activates whenever the character is in a PvP area (Arena, Battlegrounds, Ashran) or engages in PvP combat with another player. During this item level transition, the character’s relative health remains the same.
  • A new combat zone is available. Just outside of Warspear (Horde) and Stormshield (Alliance), you can join the everlasting battle for Ashran.


  • Characters can discover new recipes and plans that’ll enable them to craft powerful new gear and items from tradeskill materials found on Draenor.
  • Catch-up mechanics are available to get characters up to speed for their chosen professions.

Brawler's Guild

  • Brawler’s Guild is now open for business for level 100 characters wanting to test their mettle. Some of the fights will be familiar from the previous brawling circuit along with a couple of new surprises.

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