Nalak, The Storm Lord

Isle of Thunder

When Lei Shen discovered a rare clutch of thundering cloud serpents, he was awed, and set to subjugating them. The largest hatchling fiercely resisted, and when Lei Shen visited the handling pens, he laughed mightily at the charred mogu that lined the walls. He took the hatchling for his own, and for its obedience, granted it power over the storms and the sky. For thousands of years following the death of the Thunder King, Nalak has guarded the walls of his hidden citadel, awaiting his return.

A new area becomes accessible with each stage of progression on the Isle of Thunder. The final stage opens up the Central Courtyard where you'll find Nalak guarding the entrance to Lei Shen's citadel.

Since the Throne of Thunder is just past Nalak’s courtyard, consider gathering up your early bird raid members and fellow server players to rumble with the Storm Lord before scheduled raid time.

If you’re heading straight for the citadel, be wary of getting hit by one of Nalak’s damage abilities when he’s in combat!

  • Item Drops: Level 522 raid gear; Level 493 Tyrannical PvP gear.
  • Other: Chance to drop a Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent mount.

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