Isle of Giants

As the war against Lei Shen's island citadel began, Alliance and Horde scouts made an effort to intercept missives between the major Zandalari camps. One such exchange seemed to revolve around an unfamiliar Zandalari word, always surrounded by terms of conquest and power: Oondasta. Somewhere in Pandaria, the Zandalari Beast Ward raises their mighty beasts as engines of war, and is putting the finishing touches on this Loa-infused monstrosity. The exact location, however, remains unknown...

Oondasta is located on a mist-shrounded island off the coast of Pandaria. You’ll find the devilsaur resting in a crater at the center of this land mass.

Safe zones will be difficult to find on the island, and its inhabitants consist mostly of huge, brutal dinosaurs. Even the toughest and most coordinated of end-game raid teams will be tested.

  • Item Drops: Level 522
  • Other: Creatures on the island have a chance to drop an egg that will hatch into a raptor mount.

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