Two groups enter, only one leaves. This is the ultimate bloodsport, ladies and gentlemen! Fighters from all walks of life—bred for the rigors of war but seeking riches and recognition—end up here. You won´t be leading your brothers (or sisters) in arms to a hill in the middle of nowhere; there’s only combat, up close and personal, against an opposing team of two, three or five combatants. Get ready to rumble!

You are Prepared

Adventuring has helped you learn your class and chosen specialization, but fighting players—especially in the Arenas—is a very different experience. Before you indulge in this form of no-holds-barred carnage, you should get acquainted with the pace and timing of PvP combat by facing off against other players in friendly duels, and participating in the Battlegrounds. Victory in the latter will also allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor, which will serve you well on the path of the Gladiator.

Get in Gear

Winning takes you up the ladder through personal and team rating increases. You will also earn Conquest Points, high-end currency to purchase epic quality armor, weapons, and accessories to meet the onslaught head on. These finely crafted armor suits are designed to boost your stats and withstand copious amounts of punishment. Be aware, however, that you won’t be able to purchase the most powerful pieces until you attain the required rating. Fight hard; train harder. Go bust some skulls, and look good while doing so.

All for One

The first step lies in finding the right number of “volunteers” to invite to your group. Then, simply open your PvP panel to queue for the Arenas as you would for Rated Battlegrounds. Arena fighters live by coordination, and die by lack of it. To be competitive you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and have the capacity to respond appropriately to split-second changes in the flow of combat. Once that becomes second nature, it’s only a matter of time before you start advancing through the ranks. Rise up (and punch a few slabs of beef along the way) to the challenge of your rivals; don’t stop ‘till you get to the top.

Queue Access
Blade's Edge Arena
Dalaran Sewers
Nagrand Arena
Ruins of Lordaeron
The Tiger's Peak
Tol'Viron Arena

World Access

  • Circle of Blood Blade's Edge Mountains
  • Gurubashi ArenaThe Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Ring of TrialsNagrand

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