The island east of Tanaan Jungle, known as Ashran, is the resting place of an ancient Ogre civilization known as the Ashmaul. Scattered in this lost city are powerful Artifacts of immense power, believed to possibly be dated back to the Titan era.

Harrison Jones and the Explorer’s League are determined to find the artifact and lock it up before the Horde-aligned Reliquary can find it and possibly use it as a weapon.

Both factions now seek to empower their respective armies by collecting Artifact Fragments, fighting for control over key locations, and assaulting enemy outposts. The victors will claim the mysteries of Ashran, and a major advantage in the war on Draenor.

Artifact Arms Race

  • Warfare
  • Draenor
  • 100
  • 115
  • Defeat the opposing faction’s leader.

The Road of Glory

On the north side of Ashran, you’ll find Warspear, the Horde base of operations and house of the Vol’jin’s Spear faction. On the southernmost tip of the island lies Stormshield, stronghold of the Alliance faction known as Wrynn’s Vanguard. Between the two bases runs The Road of Glory, an intensely contested pathway that cuts across the island.

While in the Road of Glory, you’ll want to push the battle towards the enemy stronghold. To this end, you must capture objectives and press the attack closer to the enemy base. To capture an objective, simply stand near its flag with as many allies as possible. You’ll see a progress bar that will slowly fill up (Red for Horde, Blue for Alliance). The greater your numbers, the faster a flag can be captured. Once an area is under your control, powerful NPC’s from your faction will patrol it and defend the flag from the enemy.

Enemies Slain

While in the Road of Glory, you’ll see an “Enemies Slain” counter at the top of your screen that tracks points for both factions. Killing an enemy player awards 5 points, and killing an enemy NPC awards 1 point. When your team acquires enough points, powerful faction captain NPCs will be summoned to fight for you. Each time a faction captain NPC is summoned, the amount of points you’ll need to summon reinforcements will increase.

The Crossroads

The halfway point between both faction bases is known as The Crossroads, and is the first stage of the battle. Work with your allies to drive back enemy players, pushing the battle one step closer to the opposing base. As the battle draws near their own base, the defending team will receive a buff, granting them increased Health, Damage, and Healing.

Stage I: Tremblade's Vanguard and Volrath's Advance
If you manage to capture The Crossroads, your army will advance towards the opposing faction’s first line of defense—their outermost outposts. Horde players will have to raid Tremblade’s Vanguard, while Alliance players must assault Volrath’s Advance.

Stage II: Archmage Overwatch and Emberfall Tower
Beyond Tremblade’s Vanguard and Volrath’s Advance, you’ll find two towers: the Alliance’s Archmage Overwatch or the Horde’s Emberfall Tower. A faction tower guardian will bombard incoming players with powerful spells.

Stage III: Stormshield Stronghold and Warspear Keep
The final objective is to defeat the enemy leader (Alliance must kill High Warlord Volrath and Horde must bring down Grand Marshal Tremblade). Defeating the enemy leader will award every participating attacker a Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox which has the chance of containing rare or epic quality PvP gear. Although this objective is repeatable, you can only acquire one treasure box per day. After a faction’s leader is defeated, the battle will reset.

Artifact Fragments

Artifact Fragments can be found by killing monsters, or looted from scattered objects (chests, tree stumps, and others) as well as downed enemy players. If you die in Ashran, you’ll lose a significant portion of the Artifact Fragments you are carrying, which can be looted by enemy players. You can turn in Artifact Fragments at your base to influence the battle greatly:

Summon the Faction Guardian — When summoned, your faction’s Guardian—a colossal elemental that can turn the tide of battle—will spawn at your base and march towards the enemy stronghold. Turn in Artifact Fragments to Anenga (Alliance) to summon Fangraal, or Atomik (Horde) to summon Kronus.

Summon Patrol Groups which will march from your base through various areas of Ashran, engaging enemy players on sight. Turn in Fragments to Valant Brightsworn (Alliance) or Kalgan (Horde).

Activate Warlock Gateways to allow faster travel between the north-west and south east corners of Ashran. Turn in Fragments to Nisstyr (Horde) and Marketa (Alliance).

The Market Graveyard

A short distance to the west of the Crossroads is the Market Graveyard, which will resurrect fallen allies in the middle of Ashran instead of back at your base. Controlling the Market Graveyard is an essential part of mounting a successful offensive.

The Seat of Kor'lok

The ancestral spirit of Kor’lok the Ogre King slumbers in Ashran, waiting for those strong enough to win his favor. Periodically, Kor’lok will awaken and summon two champions: Gaul Dun Firok, who is hostile to Horde players, and Muk’Mar Raz, who will engage the Alliance.

The first faction to defeat one of Kor’lok’s champions will gain the favor of the Ogre King. Once a champion is slain, Kor’lok will manifest and march towards the battle front in the Road of Glory, swatting away the opposing faction’s pesky combatants with devastating attacks.

Molten Quarry

Orbs of empowered ore will spawn at the Molten Quarry in the southeast corner of Ashran. You must collect the scattered ore and carry it towards their faction’s mine cart, marked by the Horde and Alliance symbols. The first faction to collect 10 pieces of ore will win, and receive Honor points.

Brute’s Rise

The northeast of Ashran, known as Brute’s Rise, is home to the Ashmaul ogres, whose bonfires hold great power. Periodically, the flames of these bonfires will turn pale white, indicating that they can be captured. If you and your allies stand near a bonfire, you’ll see a progress bar revealing which faction controls it. Make sure to stand near them long enough for the progress bar to move over to your faction, changing the bonfire’s color (Red for Horde, Blue for Alliance). Defend bonfires; the more your faction controls, the faster you‘ll accrue points; reach 1500 before the enemy faction and you’ll gain extra Honor points.

Ashmaul Burial Grounds

The Ashmaul Burial Grounds, resting place for the ogres of Ashran, can be found to the southwest of the island. Periodically, Risen Spirits will roam these grounds, and you’ll gain an ability that can be used to put these wayward souls to rest. The first faction to defeat 10 Risen Spirits in this manner will win the event, alongside extra Honor points.

Amphitheatre of Annihilation

The Amphitheatre of Annihilation in the northwest corner of Ashran once served as a competitive sporting arena. Combatants roaming the area can reenact the event by racing alongside their faction’s Clefthoof Racers. The more faction members you can get running by your Stadium racer, the faster it will go. Be sure to kill enemy players to slow the other racer down! The first faction to complete 3 laps with their racer will win the event, and extra Honor Points.

Ashran Excavation

Long ago, the Apexis Arakkoa buried a titan artifact beneath Ashran. Every so often, ghosts of the artifact’s guardians will appear in these caverns, and mining entrances at each faction’s base provide passages to the underground. The first faction to free a set number of ghosts from spectral imprisonment will earn access to the central chamber, and the relic’s considerable powers.

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