Battle for Gilneas

Isolationism has long shaped the nation of Gilneas, affecting its people inside and out. The enormous Greymane Wall once protected them from a plague of undeath; now that the wall has fallen, the citizens who huddled behind it are forced to confront that particular fear. The rotting Forsaken seethe to spread their contagion throughout the whole region of Lordaeron, claiming it as their own - and they see opportunity in Gilneas' rubble.

Fortunately for the people of Gilneas, their own particular curse transformed them into bestial wolf-human hybrids.

Now, the Horde will support their undead allies' attempt to seize resources from a damaged nation, while the Alliance comes to the aid of a tainted people seeking new lives. Regardless of the victor, monsters will rule over the ruins.

Howl at the Moon!

  • Resource Race
  • Ruins of Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms
  • 75
  • 10
  • Gather 2000 resources.

Play Overview

The Battle for Gilneas is a race to accumulate resources faster than your opponents - and the engines of your victory are three critical capture points. Holding these locations earns you (or your adversaries) resources over time, so a large portion of the battle is fought over the fluctuating control of capture points.

Horde heroes begin the battle at the Forsaken Landing Site in the north of the map, while the Alliance races out from the foot of the rising mountains at the Gilnean Outpost to the south. In the center of the map, a sturdy plateau called the Overlook serves as a key strategic location. Its hilly passes create a natural chokepoint and also hide alternate routes through the forest, enabling your forces to branch off and strike at key parts of the battlefield.

How to Win

The Battle for Gilneas ends in only one way:
Resource Victory – the first team to reach 2000 resources is the winner!

Unique Gameplay Elements


Success in the Battle for Gilneas rests on 3 capture points, or 'nodes' - the Mine (north), Lighthouse (west), and Waterworks (south). To capture a node, you need to right-click on it and ‘channel’ – spend a short period of time uninterrupted, without moving. If you’re interrupted (for example, by an attack) you won’t capture the node, and you’ll need to try again. You lose control of a node when the enemy team captures it.


Captured nodes accrue resources for your team over time. When your side holds more nodes than your opponents, you'll accrue resources at a faster rate, allowing you to cement a lead or come from behind! You can keep an eye on both teams' resource scores at the top of the screen. Remember: adapting to the battlefield is important. Don't be afraid to let your enemies capture a location if it gives you a strategic advantage elsewhere on the battlefield. No skirmish is so precious it can't be lost to win the war.


When you die, you'll reappear shortly at one of your faction's graveyards. Each node is associated with a graveyard - so, if your team controls a node, you'll be able to resurrect nearby, rather than hoofing it from your starting area farther away from the action.

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