Deepwind Gorge

The verdant Valley of the Four Winds has long enriched the continent of Pandaria with bountiful fruit, fields of grain, grandiose vegetables, and…gold?

Deepwind Gorge dips below even the Valley’s normal depth, and it’s here that the pandaren have turned the earth, exposing rich veins of gold. Ever since they freed themselves from the tyrannical mogu, the inhabitants of the Valley have made careful, cautious use of these riches, taking only what they need and paying attention to the limits of their land.

But the Alliance and Horde have their own plans for the gleaming metals of the Gorge. Amidst the quarry, filled with dislodged rock and connected by makeshift wooden bridges, both factions will rush for a bonanza of riches that only one can walk away with.

Explore the Gorge!

  • Resource Race
  • Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria
  • 90
  • 15
  • The team that is the fastest to gather 1600 gold wins!

Play Overview

Deepwind Gorge is the site of a combative gold rush battle between Horde and Alliance. Throughout the match, each team tries to capture and hold mines that provide gold when controlled.

Each team stores their accumulated gold in mine carts located at their faction’s base. These carts can be interfered with – and even brought back to your own base to ‘steal’ a portion of enemy gold.

While defending the mines you’ve captured, you’ll also want to prevent your enemies from controlling mines. Whichever team controls more mines is going to accumulate gold faster, so keep an eye on your resources. When one team reaches 1600 gold, the match is over, and that team wins.

How to Win

A Deepwind Gorge battleground ends in only one way:
Resource Victory – The first team to acquire 1600 gold is the winner!

Unique Gameplay Elements


Carts appear at each faction’s base, and there they stay…until they’re grabbed. If you can steal an enemy cart from their base, you’ll remove as much as 200 gold from their stores. If you can then drag that cart back to your faction’s base, you’ll earn 200 gold for your team. Beware: if your enemies slay you before you bring their cart to your base, they can recapture it – and earn back the gold you stole.

Seriously, beware: they’ll be trying to steal your carts as well. A successful cart theft can truly change the direction of the game. Simply click on any cart that’s not currently being held to interact with it.


The three mines of Deepwind Gorge are located at fixed points in the Battleground: centrally, north (the ‘pandaren’ mine) and south (the ‘goblin’ mine). You can see the locations of these mines on your map.

To control a mine, you need to right-click on it and ‘channel’ – spend a short period of time uninterrupted, without moving. If you’re interrupted (for example, by an attack) you won’t capture the mine and you’ll need to try again. You lose control of a mine when the enemy team captures it – hence, killing enemy players and establishing numerical superiority around a mine is important.

Mines provide your team with accumulating amounts of gold over time, not instantly – so the length of time you hold a mine, not simply that you held it, is important. When either team attempts to control any mine, you’ll see a message that indicates which mine is under attack.


Each team has staked out a northern and southern graveyard near their home base – when you’re slain, you’ll return at one of your faction’s graveyards. Dying on the northern half of the map results in re-spawning at your faction’s southern graveyard (and vice versa).

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