Isle of Conquest

Just offshore of the immense Icecrown Glacier, crawling with frozen dead and coated in ice cracking under the wheels of invading siege engines, lies an oil-rich island. It’s strategically perfect – a quick trip by boat to the greatest point of conflict in Northrend.

The elite among Horde and Alliance armies – the Kor’kron Guard and the 7th Legion – have arrived on the isle in force, and put down roots. Smiths and machinists have begun their work, turning this nameless landmass’s natural resources into smoke and steel. Highly secure keeps, exited only through mage portals, allow the generals of each faction to issue commands to their armies without leaving the safety of their fortresses.

The engines of war are churning. All that remains is for two heavily armed forces to agree about the territory lines.

I Drink Your Milkshake!

  • Warfare
  • Icecrown, Northrend
  • 75
  • 40
  • Reduce the enemy team’s reinforcement score to 0.

Play Overview

The Isle of Conquest is a site of total war, an all-out conflict in which each side attempts to reduce their opponents’ reinforcement score to 0 (by capturing objectives) or breach their enemies’ keep and slay their general, resulting in an immediate victory.

Domination in the Isle of Conquest hinges on control of five structures, allowing your faction to gain the upper hand in reinforcement score and bring more (and more powerful) vehicles to bear against your enemies.

How to Win

An Isle of Conquest battleground ends in one of two ways:

Reinforcement Victory – Reduce the enemy team’s reinforcement score to 0 through a combination of capturing structures and killing enemy players.

Slay the Enemy General – If you kill the enemy team's general, their reinforcement score will be reduced to 0.

Unique Gameplay Elements


You begin the battleground inside of your faction’s (sealed) keep, and can take portals to the battlefield, where you can assault your foes and capture objectives.

The two keeps are located opposite each other: Horde in the north, Alliance in the south. Breach the gates of your enemies’ keep by destroying them (with tanks, bombs or cannons) to earn access to the general (a powerful raid-level boss) who emerges to fight intruders in the keep’s courtyard. Dispatching the general will result in an immediate win for your side.

Keeps can be defended from external attacks using the turrets located in towers atop their walls to attack enemy players and vehicles. To man an unoccupied turret, simply right-click on it, and target your foes with the abilities that appear in your vehicle menu.

Seaforium Bombs

Seaforium bombs deal glorious damage to enemy gates, and can be found inside each side’s keep and near the workshop – right-click on them to pick them up. To place a seaforium bomb at a gate, stand flush with the gate and press the button you’ve assigned to your seaforium bomb. Charges take a short time to detonate, and will expire if you are slain before they blow up.


Objectives are an essential part of the Isle of Conquest – capturing them will give your side significant benefits, both in terms of your reinforcement score and the composition of your army.

To capture an objective, click on the flag in the center of the objective. After a short period of time, if you’re not interrupted, you’ll see the flag change to your faction’s colors, signifying your control.

Refinery – located on the northwest of the Isle. Capture it to accrue reinforcements faster and increase your Siege Engines' damage.

Quarry - located on the southeast of the Isle. Capture it to accrue reinforcements faster and increase your Siege Engines' damage.

Docks – located on the west of the Isle. Capture it to gain access to the Glaive Thrower and Catapult vehicles, and the ability to return to life at a nearby graveyard.

Workshop – located in the center of the map. Capture it to gain access to the Demolisher vehicles and the massive Siege Engine, as well as seaforium bombs and a nearby graveyard.

Hangar – located on the east of the Isle. Capture it to commandeer an airship for a directed assault on your enemies’ keep, and gain control of a nearby graveyard.

Vehicles and Bombs – Vehicles appear for your side once their associated objectives are held for a short period of time. Mount unoccupied vehicles by right-clicking on them.


Glaive Thrower (requires Docks) – shoots long-range projectiles at single foes, gates or multiple targets with a devastating area-of-effect attack.

Catapult (requires Docks) – launches a passenger into the air, ideally over the walls of an enemy keep. Catapults can also position themselves carefully with a sudden, stealthy speed boost.

Demolisher (requires Workshop) – hurls long-range rocks at foes, or rams targets in melee. Can transport a driver and two passengers who are able to attack from the vehicle’s back.

Siege Engine (requires Workshop) – blasts keep walls with a high-damage cannon, or knocks back foes in melee with a burst of steam. Can transport a driver, a gunner, and two passengers who can attack enemy players with smaller turrets.

Airship (requires Hangar) – flies on a fixed course towards the enemy keep, with several cannons that can be used to deal moderate damage to enemies or walls. The airship is immune to damage, and players who leap from the ship parachute down to the battlefield (bypassing keep walls).

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