Strand of the Ancients

The world-shaping titans have left their mark on frozen Northrend, though often their presence is embedded in the ground, as in mysterious Ulduar. Yet, on a narrow island chain, a sliver of titan handiwork is out in the 'open'.

As Horde and Alliance vanguards began to course over the continent of Northrend, their mystics awoke to dizzying visions of an isle, and a gleaming power behind heights of stone. The Strand’s long-abandoned citadel towers and great gates loom mightily...but there’s crumbling rock and rust among those fortifications. They can be brought down.

Disembark on the Strand with your war machines and fellow soldiers, smash the walls of yesteryear and claim a prize of eons’ past. Or seize the titans’ once-magnificent bulwark, man their guns, and blast your enemies back into the sea.


  • Warfare
  • Dragonblight, Northrend
  • 65
  • 15
  • Capture the titan relic faster than your enemies!

Play Overview

Strand of the Ancients is a siege-style battleground played in two rounds. One faction’s team (chosen randomly at the start of the game) is the attacking team. They are dropped off by ship at the northern point of the island, and assault the fortress, attempting to break down its gates with demolishers and bombs and retrieve the titan relic inside. The defending team opposes them, holing up in the fort and attempting to delay their enemies’ rush to the relic with a combination of might, magic and gun turrets.

After the first round, Horde and Alliance switch their roles – offense becomes defense and vice versa. When both rounds are complete, and each team has either captured the relic or failed to do so, the team with the fastest ‘capture time’ is the winner.

How to Win

A Strand of the Ancients match ends one of two ways:

Capture Victory – Each team has 10 minutes to capture the relic on ‘offense’ – the team that captures the relic faster is the winner.

Timer - If neither team captures the titan relic, the game ends in a tie.

Unique Gameplay Elements


Demolishers are ridden by combatants on offense, and their purpose is to take down gates. Demolishers can lob burning projectiles to deal damage to enemy players, and significant damage to gates.

To pilot a demolisher, simply right-click on one that’s unoccupied. Demolishers can be commandeered on the docks (immediately after exiting your boats). They’ll also become available at any captured graveyard, and will reappear when destroyed. Only one demolisher will spawn per location. Attack enemy demolishers to destroy them; or simply target their riders.

Seaforium Charges

Seaforium charges are used by attackers to damage gates, and are available by right-clicking on bomb barrels located at the docks, workshops, and central graveyard, as well as within the Courtyard of the Ancients that leads to the titan relic. When you pick up a seaforium charge, a spell button will appear in the lower middle portion of your screen. You can pick up seaforium charges even if your inventory is full. Stand near a gate and press the spell button to place the charge (it’ll take a couple seconds to arm it). Charges detonate after a short time, but their damage to gates is significant. Defend them!

If you’re protecting a gate and want to disarm an enemy charge, simply right-click on it – you’ll spend a short period of time disarming the bomb. As a preventative measure, you can also kill enemies carrying charges—easily identifiable by a spell effect over their heads—causing them to drop their payload.


Powerful turrets can be found up on the high parapets of the Strand’s fortress, above each gate. Defenders can right-click on them to enter, and use their abilities to deal heavy damage to players and demolishers. Attackers can destroy turrets by striking at them as though they were a player.


2 tiers of two gates each (east and west) delay the advance across the Strand.

First – Gate of the Green Emerald (west) and Gate of the Blue Sapphire (east).

Second – Gate of the Purple Amethyst (west) and Gate of the Red Sun (east).

Once these gates have been breached, only the central Gate of the Yellow Moon and a flat plain stand between the attackers and their goal: reaching the Chamber of Ancient Secrets and the relic within.


As the attacking team smashes through the island’s gates, they can capture graveyards. To do so, right-click on a graveyard, and be prepared to stay in place for a short period of time. Once you’ve captured a graveyard, it will remain captured. Slain members of your team will be able to resurrect from that point, and new demolishers will appear there, allowing you to press the advance.

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