Temple of Kotmogu

During the lost days of ancient Pandaria, the ruling mogu built temples not unlike themselves – immense in size, vast in scope, and steeped in forces as old as the ground beneath their feet. Stony statues of the mogu still glare down from their long-vacant temples, and echoes of their supremacy persist to the present day. Inside the autumnal Temple of Kotmogu, a vicious melee has erupted over artifacts the mogu left behind: treasures older than the bloodlines of human kings and the clans of orcs, orbs of power that have bathed in the energies of Pandaria for ages. Will they bring the might of the mogu to the Horde or Alliance?

Keep Zen and Grab an Orb!

  • Resource Race
  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria
  • 90
  • 10
  • The team that is the fastest to gather 1600 victory points wins!

Play Overview

The struggle to absorb the power of ancient mogu artifacts begins with entrants to the temple outside its gates on opposed sides. At the beginning of the battle, each faction’s group will burst through the gates and rush to claim the orbs that appear in the four corners of the temple.

Once you or your teammates have retrieved an orb, hold onto it as long as you can; continuing to hold an orb will net you a steady stream of points.

Protect the orb holders on your team from the attacks of your enemies – they earn a significant amount of victory points! Also, be sure that your team strikes at the opposing team’s orb carriers for the very same reason.

How to Win

A Temple of Kotmogu battleground ends in only one way:
Resource Victory – The first team to acquire 1600 victory points is the winner!

Unique Gameplay Elements


Victory in the Temple of Kotmogu is determined by success in capturing and holding four powerful mogu orbs. The four orbs (green, blue, purple and orange) wait in four corners of the map.

Holding an orb earns your team victory points for as long as it’s held – but the power radiated by the orb also grants you the aspect of the mighty mogu, enlarging you to make you a clear target for your opposition. Orb-holders deal and receive increased damage, and the healing they receive is reduced. These effects are minor at first, but they increase quickly over time while the orb-holder lives.

A player can only pick up one orb at a time (though multiple teammates can pick up multiple orbs); holding an orb also prevents you from using your mount. If you’re slain while holding an orb, it will be returned to its point of origin inside the temple.

Victory Points

Holding an orb in different parts of the zone will net your team differing amounts of power, represented as victory points . Stay in the center of the map to earn the most points – the surrounding plaza earns slightly fewer, and holding an orb outside of the temple even less (though you’ll have more room to maneuver). The farther you are from the heart of the temple, the fewer points you’ll earn.

Delivering a killing blow to one of your enemies will net your team a significant number of victory points.


When you die, you’ll reappear at a graveyard outside the temple, in the corners of the map. Rather than needing to run to your corpse in order to resurrect, you’ll be periodically returned to life after a short countdown.

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