Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks are a strategic chokepoint crucial to Horde and Alliance assaults on the Twilight’s Hammer cult and the forces of Deathwing. These craggy mountains are so vital to the war effort that the Dragonmaw clan of orcs and the Wildhammer dwarves remain locked in seemingly endless battle to this day, each hoping to claim definitive ownership of the peaks.

A DAMN Fine Cup of Coffee!

  • Capture the Flag
  • Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms
  • 75
  • 10
  • The first team to capture the opposing team’s flag 3 times is declared the winner.

Play Overview

Like Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks pits two teams against each other in a capture-the-flag style contest. Each team must recover the opposing team’s flag and return with it to their base, and they must do so while protecting their own flag from capture.

Once you’ve claimed the flag, you’ll need to take it back to your base in order to ‘capture’ it. While doing so, you’ll defeat or bypass opposing forces.

The first team to capture the flag three times is the winner.

How to Win

A Twin Peaks match ends one of two ways:

Capture Victory – the first team to capture the opposing team’s flag 3 times is declared the winner.

Timer - If no side has captured 3 flags before the match timer elapses, the game is over. The team with the most successful flag captures will be declared the victor. In the event of a tie, the last team to capture a flag wins.

Unique Gameplay Elements


The Alliance and Horde bases sit opposite one another, across a sizeable plain bisected by a river in the middle. To reach the enemy base, you’ll need to cross the river; once you’re inside, you can claim the enemy’s flag from a ‘flag room’ located at the core of the base.

The Dragonmaw Compound sits astride a lake, while the Wildhammer Longhouse perches atop a rocky, elevated plateau. There are three entrances to each base.


Capturing the enemy’s flag is of paramount importance in Twin Peaks. Each flag is located in the ‘flag room’ of your opponents’ base, where it is likely to be surrounded by opposition.

Any flag can be picked up by right-clicking on it; once you’ve picked up the enemy’s flag, you become the flag carrier. If you are slain while in possession of the flag, it falls to the ground, and can be picked up by another character. If the enemy recovers the flag before your team does, it is returned to their base instantly.

It’s important to note that, for as long as you hold the flag, you’ll be subject to a debuff – a temporary increase to the amount of damage you take. The power of these debuffs will increase over time, making you easier and easier for the enemy to kill until you unload the flag.

Provided that your team's flag is safe in the base, the enemy's flag by can be captured by carrying it to your 'flag room'; the captured flag will then promptly respawn back in its original location for your team to assault again.


When you die, you’ll be resurrected at a graveyard near your starting position. Rather than needing to run to your corpse in order to resurrect, you’ll be periodically returned to life after a short countdown.

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