Recruit A Friend has leveled up! Being an epic friend just got even more rewarding. Earn FREE game time and multiple in-game items.
How Does It Work?
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Send Invitation

Use the Recruit A Friend button on the in-game Friends List to send a customized email invitation to your friends. Once they accept and create an account, you will be linked with your recruit so that you can find them in-game.

Adventure Together

Meet new reсruits in Azeroth and enjoy special in-game benefits for a full 90 days:

Friend-to-friend summoning makes it easy to travel together.

Bonus experience ensures faster leveling.

Recruits can grant veteran extra levels to help friends stick together.

Earn Rewards

If your friend pays for two months of game time, you'll get a month of game time FREE!

If your friend pays for three months of game time, you'll receive a choice of EPIC in-game mounts or special pets.