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Name Level Required Source Type
Vileprey Gloves 150 72 Hands (Leather)
Voldrune Gloves 150 72 Hands (Cloth)
Crystalplate Gauntlets 146 Torture the Torturer Hands (Plate)
Arctic Gloves 146 71 Hands (Leather)
Caribou Gloves 146 71 Hands (Leather)
Bite-Proof Grips 146 Let Them Not Rise! Hands (Plate)
Halgrind Gloves 146 71 Hands (Plate)
Azurehunter Handguards 146 Atop the Woodlands Hands (Mail)
Bristlepine Handwraps 146 71 Hands (Cloth)
Fading Handwraps 146 End Arcanimus Hands (Cloth)
Frontrunner's Blessed Handwraps 146 The Might of the Horde Hands (Cloth)
Orca Fists 146 71 Hands (Mail)
Ridgehunter Gauntlets 146 Wanted: Gigantaur Hands (Mail)
Sea Rusted Gauntlets 146 Slay Loguhn Hands (Plate)
Snowfall Reaver Gloves 146 The Lost Empire Hands (Leather)
Stonepath Gauntlets 146 The Might of the Horde Hands (Plate)
Gloves of the Emerald Stalker 146 That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Hands (Leather)
Guiding Gloves of the Seer 146 Imprints on the Past Hands (Mail)
Vermin-Handler's Gauntlets 146 Let Them Not Rise! Hands (Leather)
Wastewind Handwraps 146 The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Hands (Cloth)
Wyrmfire Gloves 146 Through Fields of Flame Hands (Mail)
Cobalt Gauntlets 142 70 Hands (Plate)
Foothold Gloves 142 70 Hands (Cloth)
Frostscale Gloves 142 72 Hands (Mail)
Iceborne Gloves 142 70 Hands (Leather)
Nifflevar Gloves 142 70 Hands (Mail)
Wildevar Gloves 142 70 Hands (Leather)
Wyrmskull Gauntlets 142 70 Hands (Plate)
Frost-Trimmed Gauntlets 138 Test at Sea Hands (Leather)
Clam Collector Gauntlets 138 Hands (Plate)
Cavernous Gauntlets 138 Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern Hands (Cloth)
Baleheim Gloves 138 69 Hands (Plate)
Frostwoven Gloves 138 68 Hands (Cloth)
Banded Chain Gloves 138 Parts for the Job Hands (Mail)
Amberplate Grips 138 Give Fizzcrank the News Hands (Plate)
Flamebinder Handwraps 138 Mission: Plague This! Hands (Cloth)
BT57 Cloth Healer Glove2 138 Hands (Cloth)
BT56 Mail Healer Gloves2 138 Hands (Mail)
Crimson Keeper Mitts 138 Hands (Cloth)
Mur'ghoul Handwraps 138 69 Hands (Cloth)
Onyx Grips 138 Stop the Ascension! Hands (Plate)
BT47 Leather Physical Gloves3 138 Hands (Leather)
BT55 Leather Physical Gloves4 138 Hands (Leather)
Bogstrok Plate Gloves 138 Surrender... Not! Hands (Plate)
Rhinohide Gloves 138 The Collapse Hands (Leather)
Glimmering Ringmail Gloves 138 Rescuing Evanor Hands (Mail)
Riplash Gloves 138 69 Hands (Leather)
Nimblefinger Scaled Gloves 138 The New Plague Hands (Mail)
Seaspeaker Gloves 138 A Visit to the Curator Hands (Mail)
Shadewrap Gloves 138 We Strike! Hands (Leather)
Showing 40514100 of 5009 results