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Name Level Required Source Type
Wolverine Girdle 162 75 Waist (Leather)
Ancestral Girdle 158 Hell Hath a Fury Waist (Plate)
Jormungar Girdle 158 74 Waist (Plate)
Muradin Belt 158 74 Waist (Leather)
Belt of Divine Ancestry 158 Hexed Caches Waist (Plate)
Cords of Duplicity 158 So Far, So Bad Waist (Cloth)
Rescuer's Binding 158 Leave No One Behind Waist (Mail)
Crusader's Ripcord 158 Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Waist (Cloth)
Belt of Service 158 Pa'Troll Waist (Leather)
Braided Bat Sinew 158 Clipping Their Wings Waist (Cloth)
Spiked Cobalt Belt 158 74 Waist (Plate)
Tethys Sash 158 74 Waist (Cloth)
Belt of the Betrayer 158 Sabotage Waist (Plate)
Belt of the Bloodbinder 158 An End to the Suffering Waist (Mail)
Supple Belt of the Bloodletter 158 The Leaders at Jin'Alai Waist (Leather)
Aged Abomination Tripe 158 Feedin' Da Goolz Waist (Leather)
Valiant Belt of Battle 158 Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Waist (Mail)
Shoveltusk Waistband 158 74 Waist (Mail)
Duskweave Belt 154 75 Waist (Cloth)
Foreseer's Girdle 154 Ruuna's Request Waist (Cloth)
Bloodmar Girdle 154 73 Waist (Plate)
Load-Bearing Girdle 154 Dun-da-Dun-tah! Waist (Plate)
Belt of Keen Hearing 154 Put on Your Best Face for Loken Waist (Leather)
Path-Cutter's Cord 154 Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Waist (Cloth)
Icemist Sash 154 73 Waist (Cloth)
Taunka Belt 154 73 Waist (Leather)
Trapper Belt 154 73 Waist (Mail)
Girdle of Growing Vines 154 Wolfsbane Root Waist (Plate)
Ghostridden Waistguard 154 Steady as a Rock? Waist (Mail)
Waistguard of Expedient Procurement 154 Drak'aguul's Mallet Waist (Leather)
Waywalker's Girdle 154 The Runic Prophecies Waist (Plate)
Verdant Tundra Belt 151 71 Waist (Leather)
Amberpine Girdle 150 72 Waist (Mail)
Grizzlemaw Belt 150 72 Waist (Plate)
Vileprey Cord 150 72 Waist (Leather)
Voldrune Sash 150 72 Waist (Cloth)
Arctic Belt 146 73 Waist (Leather)
Bristlepine Cord 146 71 Waist (Cloth)
Dreadtalon's Clutch 146 Wanted: Dreadtalon Waist (Plate)
Halgrind Belt 146 71 Waist (Plate)
Belt of Ghostly Essence 146 The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Waist (Mail)
Orca Belt 146 71 Waist (Mail)
Alystros' Plume Cinch 146 The Plume of Alystros Waist (Cloth)
Scourgeslayer Belt 146 Through Fields of Flame Waist (Leather)
Serrated Chain Links 146 Harp on This! Waist (Mail)
Narf's Explosiveproof Strand 146 Harp on This! Waist (Leather)
Belt of the Emerald Guardian 146 The Plume of Alystros Waist (Plate)
Sash of the Nibbling Plague 146 Let Them Not Rise! Waist (Cloth)
Experimental Utility Belt 146 Harp on This! Waist (Plate)
Caribou Waistband 146 71 Waist (Leather)
Showing 30013050 of 3968 results