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Name Level Required Source Type
DB14 Cloth Healer Feet 146 Feet (Cloth)
DB49 Cloth Healer Feet2 146 Feet (Cloth)
DB58 Mail Healer Feet2 146 Feet (Mail)
Orca Footwraps 146 71 Feet (Mail)
Petrified Bone Footguards 146 All Hail Roanauk! Feet (Plate)
DB53 Leather Physical Feet3 146 Feet (Leather)
DB54 Mail Physical Feet3 146 Feet (Mail)
Bristlepine Sandals 146 71 Feet (Cloth)
Snowfall Reaver Boots 146 The Might of the Horde Feet (Leather)
DB58 Cloth Spell Feet3 146 Feet (Cloth)
Spiked Cobalt Boots 146 71 Feet (Plate)
Crustacean Stompers 146 Meat on the Hook Feet (Plate)
Stonepath Sabatons 146 The Lost Empire Feet (Plate)
Sabatons of the Enforcer 146 The Denouncement Feet (Plate)
Tightened Chainmesh Boots 146 Something That Doesn't Melt Feet (Mail)
Kirin Tor Initiate's Sandals 146 Atop the Woodlands Feet (Cloth)
Star's Rest Treads 146 Strengthen the Ancients Feet (Mail)
Treads of the Charred Canyon 146 Through Fields of Flame Feet (Cloth)
Verdant Linked Boots 146 The Plume of Alystros Feet (Mail)
Glade Wanderer Boots 146 Fire Upon the Waters Feet (Leather)
Arctic Boots 142 70 Feet (Leather)
Cobalt Boots 142 70 Feet (Plate)
Foothold Boots 142 70 Feet (Cloth)
Nerubian Boots 142 72 Feet (Mail)
Nifflevar Boots 142 70 Feet (Mail)
Wildevar Boots 142 70 Feet (Leather)
Wyrmskull Sabatons 142 70 Feet (Plate)
Earthwell Footwraps 138 The Frost Wyrm and its Master Feet (Cloth)
Frostwoven Boots 138 68 Feet (Cloth)
Chilled Greaves 138 The Collapse Feet (Plate)
Earthborn Greaves 138 Defeat the Gearmaster Feet (Plate)
Baleheim Greaves 138 69 Feet (Plate)
Iceborne Boots 138 70 Feet (Leather)
Iceflow Footwraps 138 Not Without a Fight! Feet (Cloth)
Flexible Leather Footwraps 138 Warning: Some Assembly Required Feet (Leather)
BT56 Leather Healer Boots2 138 Feet (Leather)
Loam-Stained Greaves 138 In Service to the Light Feet (Plate)
Chilled Mail Boots 138 Vision of Air Feet (Mail)
Marshwalker Boots 138 Taken by the Scourge Feet (Leather)
Master Artilleryman Boots 138 Preying Upon the Weak Feet (Plate)
Mur'ghoul Boots 138 69 Feet (Cloth)
BT59 Leather Physical Boots4 138 Feet (Leather)
HF28 Plate Physical Boots4 138 Feet (Plate)
BT47 Plate Physical Boots3 138 Feet (Plate)
Reinforced Caribou-Hide Boots 138 Return with the Bad News Feet (Leather)
Darksteel Ringmail Greaves 138 Alpha Worg Feet (Mail)
Riplash Boots 138 69 Feet (Leather)
Moral Sabatons 138 Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Feet (Plate)
Layered Frost Sandals 138 Fallen Necropolis Feet (Cloth)
Layered Scale Boots 138 Feet (Mail)
Showing 26512700 of 3647 results