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Name Level Required Source Type
Greenweave Sash 22 17 Waist (Cloth)
Scouting Boots 22 17 Feet (Leather)
Scouting Buckler 22 17 Off-Hand (Shield)
Scrupleless Bracers 22 Pierce Their Heart! Wrists (Leather)
Security Crossbow 22 Security! Ranged (Crossbow)
Shadowhide Mace 22 17 One-Hand (Mace)
Outrunner's Shield 22 17 Off-Hand (Shield)
Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Protection 22 Blindlight Murloc Consumable
Shimmering Gloves 22 17 Hands (Cloth)
Shimmering Sash 22 17 Waist (Cloth)
Pagan Shoes 22 17 Feet (Cloth)
Militant Shortsword 22 17 One-Hand (Sword)
Boran's Shoulderguards 22 Return the Statuette Shoulder (Leather)
Rough Bronze Shoulders 22 17 Shoulder (Mail)
Bluntnose's Signet 22 Finger
Belt of Secret Signs 22 Wet Work Waist (Leather)
Elegant Silver Ring 22 17 Finger
Simple Pearl Ring 22 17 Finger
Battle Slayer 22 17 Two-Hand (Axe)
Chet's Slimy Bracers 22 Trail of Filth Wrists (Leather)
Ablution Slippers 22 That Which Has Risen Feet (Cloth)
Bloodcup Slippers 22 Gurtar's Request Feet (Cloth)
Solid Bronze Ring 22 17 Finger
Mudsnout Spaulders 22 Kasha Will Fly Again Shoulder (Leather)
Spikelash Dagger 22 17 One-Hand (Dagger)
Preemptive Staff 22 Preemptive Strike Two-Hand (Staff)
Stargazer's Pantaloons 22 Classy Glass Legs (Cloth)
Starry Band 22 Classy Glass Finger
Steadfast Cinch 22 Waist (Leather)
Steelbrow's Old Robe 22 The Eye of Paleth Chest (Cloth)
Stout Battlehammer 22 17 One-Hand (Mace)
Support Girdle 22 17 Waist (Leather)
Sash of the Blind Princess 22 Return the Statuette Waist (Cloth)
Band of the Eastern Strand 22 Preemptive Strike Finger
Ring of the Fool 22 Juice Delivery Finger
Breastplate of the Lost Paladin 22 Return the Statuette Chest (Mail)
Lesser Belt of the Spire 22 17 Waist (Cloth)
Thelsamar Chainmail 22 Legs (Mail)
Thick Bronze Necklace 22 17 Neck
Third Fleet Cloak 22 The Cursed Crew Back
Somber Treads 22 That Which Has Risen Feet (Leather)
Faithful Treads 22 Gurtar's Request Feet (Leather)
Camouflaged Tunic 22 Chest (Leather)
Grunt Vest 22 Chest (Cloth)
Loch Croc Hide Vest 22 17 Chest (Leather)
Je'neu's Hunting Vest 22 Before You Go... Chest (Leather)
Snellig's Vest 22 The Cursed Crew Chest (Leather)
Violet Scale Armor 22 Chest (Mail)
Gloves of Unforgotten Vows 22 Gurtar's Request Hands (Mail)
Merchant Marine Waders 22 Claws from the Deep Feet (Leather)
Showing 5935159400 of 82441 results