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Name Level Required Source Type
Drivetrain Chain Leggings 174 Do Your Worst Legs (Mail)
Crystalsong Leggings 174 78 Legs (Cloth)
Bjornrittar's Chilled Legguards 174 The Slithering Darkness Legs (Plate)
Golem Legplates 174 78 Legs (Plate)
Leiah's Footpads 174 The Air Stands Still Feet (Cloth)
Iron Coffin Lid 174 Eliminate the Competition Off-Hand (Shield)
Honed Lightblade 174 One-Hand (Sword)
Crusader's Locket 174 Defending The Vanguard Trinket
Beatific Mace 174 78 One-Hand (Mace)
Maiden's Dagger 174 Norgannon's Shell One-Hand (Dagger)
Maker's Edge 174 Norgannon's Shell Two-Hand (Axe)
Mammoth Fur Cloak 174 78 Back
Light-Touched Mantle 174 The Drakkensryd Shoulder (Plate)
Crystalsong Mantle 174 78 Shoulder (Cloth)
Mildred's Cowl 174 Discipline Head (Cloth)
Mildred's Grasp 174 Discipline Waist (Mail)
Fur-Lined Mittens 174 They Took Our Men! Hands (Leather)
Gryphon Hide Moccasins 174 You'll Need a Gryphon Feet (Leather)
Mountaineer's Helm 174 Head (Plate)
Mammoth Mukluks 174 Demolitionist Extraordinaire Feet (Mail)
Glacier-Walker's Mukluks 174 Volatility Feet (Leather)
Mystic Fang 174 78 One-Hand (Dagger)
Nerubian Mace 174 78 One-Hand (Mace)
Nomadic Bracers 174 Fervor of the Frostborn Wrists (Leather)
Gauntlets of the Holy Gladiator 174 Revenge for the Vargul Hands (Plate)
Pantaloons of the Water Magi 174 The Art of Being a Water Terror Legs (Cloth)
Boots of the Fallen Thane 174 Revenge for the Vargul Feet (Leather)
Chestguard of the Frozen Ascent 174 They Took Our Men! Chest (Plate)
Links of the Battlemender 174 Ebon Blade Prisoners Chest (Mail)
Gutbuster of Aldur'thar 174 Not a Bug Waist (Plate)
Axe of Bloodstained Ice 174 Cradle of the Frostbrood Two-Hand (Axe)
Bow of Bone and Sinew 174 Crush Dem Vrykuls! Ranged (Bow)
Mantle of Bouldercrag 174 The Gifts of Loken Shoulder (Mail)
Legplates of Dominion 174 The Vile Hold Legs (Plate)
Blade of Echoes 174 The Restless Dead One-Hand (Sword)
Lantern of Enchanted Flame 174 Valduran the Stormborn Held in Off-Hand
Cuffs of Invention 174 Fate of the Titans Wrists (Mail)
Belt of Njorndar 174 The Sum is Greater than the Parts Waist (Leather)
Onerous Mallet 174 78 Two-Hand (Mace)
Gauntlets of Onu'zun 174 Eliminate the Competition Hands (Mail)
Hyldnir Painbringer 174 Off With Their Black Wings One-Hand (Fist Weapon)
Grotesque Butcher's Pants 174 The Rider of Blood Legs (Leather)
Njormeld's Pauldrons 174 Forging an Alliance Shoulder (Leather)
Ebon Pauldrons 174 Ebon Blade Prisoners Shoulder (Plate)
Golem Pauldrons 174 78 Shoulder (Plate)
Bouldercrag's Pendant 174 The Gifts of Loken Neck
Ice Pick 174 78 One-Hand (Axe)
Pilot's Knife 174 Time to Hide One-Hand (Dagger)
Plagued Pike 174 78 Two-Hand (Polearm)
K3 Pachyderm Prevention Device 174 Ample Inspiration Ranged (Gun)
Showing 5965159700 of 105713 results