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Name Level Required Source Type
Prospector's Woolies 21 16 Legs (Leather)
First Responder's Pauldrons 21 Rescue the Fallen Shoulder (Mail)
Rigid Moccasins 21 16 Feet (Leather)
Ring of the Moon 21 16 Finger
Ritual Leggings 21 16 Legs (Cloth)
Pattern: Gray Woolen Robe 21 Blindlight Murloc Consumable
Gray Woolen Robe 21 16 Chest (Cloth)
Falathim-Washed Robes 21 The Lost Gem Chest (Cloth)
Volcanic Rock Ring 21 16 Finger
Clear Crystal Rod 21 Two-Hand (Staff)
Dirty Rotten Gloves 21 Deliver the Thread Hands (Mail)
Rough Bronze Leggings 21 16 Legs (Mail)
Burden of Sacrifice 21 Crisis at Splintertree Shoulder (Mail)
Bluegill Sandals 21 16 Feet (Cloth)
Jewel-Encrusted Sash 21 16 Waist (Cloth)
Deviate Scale Gloves 21 16 Hands (Leather)
Scouting Belt 21 16 Waist (Leather)
Scouting Bracers 21 16 Wrists (Leather)
Seer's Padded Armor 21 16 Chest (Cloth)
Seer's Robe 21 16 Chest (Cloth)
Severed Druid's Leggings 21 The Forest Heart Legs (Leather)
Monstrous Shield 21 Freedom for Lydon Off-Hand (Shield)
Green Carapace Shield 21 16 Off-Hand (Shield)
Burnished Shield 21 16 Off-Hand (Shield)
Shimmering Boots 21 16 Giant Clam Feet (Cloth)
Shimmering Cloak 21 16 Back
Claystone Shortsword 21 One-Hand (Sword)
Gnarlbark Shoulders 21 The Forest Heart Shoulder (Mail)
Shredder Blade 21 Explosives Shredding One-Hand (Sword)
Invoker's Signet 21 Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran Finger
Slayer's Band 21 Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran Finger
Pearl-Encrusted Spear 21 20 Two-Hand (Polearm)
Star Pony Leggings 21 Do it for Twinkles Legs (Cloth)
Starwhisper Monnions 21 Agents of Destruction Shoulder (Leather)
Seer's Fine Stein 21 16 Held in Off-Hand
Mourner's Stole 21 Crisis at Splintertree Shoulder (Cloth)
Stoutfist Breastplate 21 Assault on Menethil Keep Chest (Leather)
Strange Water Globe 21 21 Baron Aquanis Consumable
Bloodspattered Surcoat 21 16 Chest (Mail)
Leggings of the Traveling Medic 21 Rescue the Fallen Legs (Cloth)
Crossbow of the Twice-Slain 21 Discretion is Key Ranged (Crossbow)
Powder Burn Vest 21 Explosives Shredding Chest (Leather)
Aberrant Vest 21 Freedom for Lydon Chest (Leather)
Felfire-Tainted Vest 21 Playing With Felfire Chest (Leather)
Legguards of Abandoned Virtue 21 Playing With Felfire Legs (Mail)
Wand of Infectious Dementia 21 Assault on Menethil Keep Ranged (Wand)
Night Watch Boots 21 Wolves at Our Heels Feet (Mail)
Night Watch Vest 21 Wolves at Our Heels Chest (Leather)
Clerk Whitesteed's Cloak 21 Discretion is Key Back
Citizen Wilkes' Ring 21 Discretion is Key Finger
Showing 5970159750 of 82939 results