Blacksmiths utilize their expertise with hammer and anvil to craft deadly weapons, heavy suits of mail and plate armor, and other, more specialized items. Talented Blacksmiths can also modify their own equipment by adding sockets for magical gems. The gear that they make allows Blacksmiths (particularly those that equip heavy armor) to outfit themselves, equip party members or guildmates, and sell their craftsmanship via the auction house.

The majority of blacksmithing work must be done with a hammer and anvil. Smithing anvils (and forges to smelt minerals) can be found in most towns and cities.

Blacksmithing is often paired with the gathering profession Mining, since minerals recovered from mineral veins are a key component of most weapons and armor.

  • Step 1
    Before you can smith, make sure you have the ingredients (often smelted minerals) you need to forge the items you want to make. Note that most Smithing work requires that you have a Blacksmith's Hammer (available from trade good vendors) in your inventory.
  • Step 2
    Bring the materials you need to an anvil - anvils can be found in all major cities and most towns.
  • Step 3
    Choose 'blacksmithing' from your professions menu, choose the plan you'd like, and click 'create'.

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