A Little Patience

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria

Drive the Horde from the occupied temple of the Red Crane!

The blessed Temple of the Red Crane is the ancestral home of Chi-Ji, the celestial embodiment of hope. From within the temple’s ornate halls, the Red Crane wings out to oppose the despair that spread through the murky Krasarang Wilds like a cancer. But, with the recent arrival of Horde occupation forces, the sacred site has become a fortification, and the Crane’s servants hostages.

Leaders of the Alliance, foremost among them Varian Wrynn, are divided on how to deal with the problem. To remove the Horde from the temple without needlessly sacrificing Alliance lives, you’ll need to lure them out and take them down with carefully placed traps.

  • Stage 1: Prepare the Defenses Assist the two groups of laborers in the construction of their defenses.
  • Stage 2: Kill Commander Scargash Defeat Commander Scargash and reclaim the Temple of the Red Crane.
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • A Little Patience 10
  • Bubbletrapped! 10
  • Cannonballer 10
  • I Used To Love Them 10
  • We've Been Dancin' 10
  • Which Came First? 10

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