Domination Point

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria

Fend off the Alliance invasion of Domination Point!

Domination point is the fulcrum of Horde expansion onto Pandaria, and it’s no sooner begun construction and reinforcement than it’s begun to be threatened.

The soldiers of Lion’s Landing and the fleet of the 7th Legion descend upon the nascent base, hoping to nip Garrosh’s fortifications in the bud. As champion of the Horde, you’ll show the enemy that your people are not easily taken advantage of by pushing them off the beach. But the Alliance’s finest have varied and dangerous talents in warfare – expect to battle one particular regiment and you’ll almost certainly be surprised. Only when you’ve returned the Alliance commander to the waves can the fortification of Domination point be completed.

  • Stage 1: The Flight Master Join up with Kromthar.
  • Stage 2: A.C.E.s High Fight your way through the burning refinery to General Nazgrim.
  • Stage 3: Reclaim the Court! Defeat the Alliance forces assaulting the keep.
  • Stage 4: The Warlord Locate Warlord Bloodhilt and help repel the Alliance assault.
  • Stage 5: Legwork Gather information about the Alliance and Horde forces.
  • Stage 6: Setting Up Set up Rivett's weapons and prepare to defend the keep!
  • Stage 7: Hold the Line! Hold the gate against waves of Alliance invaders and their commander.
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • Domination Point 10
  • Number Five Is Alive 10
  • Waste Not, Want Not 10

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