Hozen! Hozen with cannons! Hozen wearing... pirate hats?!

Hozen attacks have been an unfortunate part of daily life for the residents of the humble fishing village of Marista. But when a Bloodsail pirate ship crashed onto the hozen village of Unga Ingoo, the hozen suddenly found themselves supplied with cannons, potent jungle punch, pirate hats, and worse: ideas. Now pirate hozen are ravaging the local villages, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Brewmaster Bo has had enough! He’s looking for adventurers to help him storm the scurvy shores of Unga Ingoo, defeat the nefarious Captain Ook, and steal some hozen brew for a change!

  • Stage 1: Escort Brewmaster Bo Bring Brewmaster Bo to the Unga Ingoo Brewing Cauldron.
  • Stage 2: Fill the Brewing Cauldron Bring 200 Unga Jungle Brew to the Brewing Cauldron.
  • Stage 3: Defeat Captain Ook Defeat Captain Ook.
  • Split up – don’t leave Brewmaster Bo undefended on your hunt for hozen brew.
  • To find the highest volume of brew, you’ll need to scour the far edges of Unga Ingoo.
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • Monkey See, Monkey Kill 10
  • Monkey in the Middle 10
  • Spill No Evil 10
  • The Keg Runner 10
  • Unga Ingoo 10

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