Kilrogg Deadeye

Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow Clan
Kilrogg Deadeye faces every battle with the confidence of one who has seen his own death.

Kilrogg was born to the Bleeding Hollow clan of Draenor. With his people nearly decimated by the arakkoa, Kilrogg refused to wait for defeat. He sought the hidden chamber for which his clan was named and carried out a grim ceremony. It granted Kilrogg a vision of his own death far in the future, so he knew he would survive the day. Emboldened, he seized control of the clan and led the Bleeding Hollow to crush the arakkoa, then to victory in many battles after. In the years that followed, he brutally silenced his challengers, even those who were kin, and anticipated the destiny he saw for himself.

A member of the newly forged Iron Horde, the Bleeding Hollow clan is composed of some of the most savage orcs on Draenor. Kilrogg believes his death-vision with absolute certainty, and he is convinced that the Iron Horde will lead him to his glorious end. His berserkers, equally eager to fight, prepare for war. They perform cryptic rituals and disappear into and out of the jungle with deadly intent. Those unfortunate enough to stray into their territory are rarely heard from again. 


Kilrogg and his Bleeding Hollow clan lurk in the dark recesses of the Tanaan Jungle, where ancient trees twist over secret paths. This primitive forest hides countless undiscovered waterfalls, streams, and deltas, and its dense undergrowth conceals precipitous cliffs.

"No one can deny my fate."
Bleeding Hollow Clan
    Race Orc
    Gender Male
    Faction Iron Horde
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Kilrogg Deadeye


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