Community Commentary: Rubies, The More You Know

Community Commentary: Rubies, The More You Know

This week's Community Commentary shout out goes to Hound for an interesting thread he created over on that discusses the merits of using Rubies vs. Emeralds in your weapons.

Since patch 1.0.7 released, some of you may have noticed that more and more Nephalem are now using Rubies in their weapons (whereas Emeralds were the go-to choice for many players previously). Why is this the case? One of the big reasons is that Rubies received a buff to the bonus damage they provide in 1.0.7, but Hound breaks things down a little further in his in-depth analysis. He was a little surprised at the results when he experimented and swapped from an Emerald to a Ruby (however, he did point out that it’s not necessarily the best choice for everyone).

If you're interested in reading more about his findings and what might be right for your hero, then follow this link to his thread.


Source: Hound on

Which gems are you currently using in your weapons? Have you recently swapped to a Ruby over an Emerald, or are you considered doing so? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, or head on over to and join in the discussion over there!

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