Community Commentary: Demonic Essence Farming

Community Commentary: Demonic Essence Farming

Ever since patch 1.0.7 introduced new high-end recipes, players have been hunting all over Sanctuary for their share of Demonic Essences to craft with. We've recently seen some discussion regarding different farming strategies for Demonic Essences, so this week we wanted to give a shout out to KingKongor for putting together a guide on the fastest way to find them.

He posted a short video (highlighted below) that covers some great info -- like where he farmed, what Monster Power he used, and what his drop rate was per hour. Check out his video to see the results of his tests, and be sure to head over to this thread on Diablo Fans to join in on the conversation.

Did you find this video helpful? Do you prefer a different method of farming Demonic Essences? We really appreciate your feedback, so please let us know what you think about this week’s Community Commentary and farming Demonic Essences in our comment section below.

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