Community Commentary: Sanctuary Safari

Community Commentary: Sanctuary Safari

This week our Community Commentary focuses on the thrill of the hunt! Specifically, the satisfaction that comes from tracking down and mercilessly slaughtering all the various Champion, Rare, and Unique monsters needed for various achievement collections. 

Now, there are a lot of different places to check for monsters when you're looking to complete the Trophy Hunting, We Are the Champions, and A Unique Collection achievements, so having a big list of where to find each elusive creature would be (as they say) the bee's knees. Thankfully, a fellow Nephalem by the name of Bort has put together this awesome guide on to help. Though the guide is a little bit older (think pre-1.0.8), it's still full of important information for any of you attempting to hack-and-slash your way to meta-achievement victory.



So, was this guide helpful to you? Would you recommend adding any additional information or do you know of other epic achievement hunting resources? Leave a comment below or reply directly to Bort in the comments section of his guide on

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