Community Commentary: Thursday Help Desk

Community Commentary: Thursday Help Desk

This week our Community Commentary is all about helping out fellow Nephalem, and a great place to find help if you’re looking for it.

For those who may not be familiar, the moderators over on /r/Diablo run a weekly thread for any and all Diablo III questions called "Thursday Help Desk." The Thursday Help Desk started approximately 15 weeks ago, and the goal of this series is to offer players a welcoming environment in which they can ask questions (no matter how noob) and receive answers from new and seasoned Nephalem alike. Or, as the post on /r/Diablo puts it:

"This is a weekly thread for any stupid/newbie/unsure questions you may have. No matter how dumb you may think the question is, now is your chance to have them answered!"

If you're a knowledgeable veteran of Sanctuary who likes to help out others, this is a great chance to offer your wisdom to those that need it. Similarly, if you've got a few questions you'd really like answered, but aren't sure where to ask them -- this thread is the perfect place to start.

Here are the most recent Help Desk entries:

Image Credit: Crimson-Nemesis

So, are you planning on checking out the Thursday Help Desk? Have you been looking for a place to ask fellow players about Diablo III, or offer your knowledge to others? Let us know if you found this particular commentary helpful, or what other community-focused highlights you'd like to see!

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