The Wizard Raps of Melkor#1521 aka Mikey Mayez

The Wizard Raps of Melkor#1521 aka Mikey Mayez

"...Critical Mass will cost you some cash,
And if you're looking for some advice, you've just gotta ask,
And if you find our advice a little too rash,

Pick another build or maybe choose a new class..."

What better way to immortalize the playful spirit and personalities within the Diablo III Wizard forums than through song? It's no easy task, but recently one talented individual has sought to do just that through clever rhymes and sultry tones.

This Artisan Showcase shares the swinging Wizard raps of Melkor#1521 aka Mikey Mayez. His video series "Critical Mass - A Love Story (Parts 1-3)" features Diablo-themed beats as well as call-outs to members of the Diablo III Wizard community, so take a break from your usual playlist and indulge in Mikey's creative tunes below!

Can’t get enough of Melkor#1521 aka Mikey Mayez? Check out his official page on YouTube for even more rap and music videos, and make sure to stay tuned for additional Diablo-themed beats!

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