Community Commentary: Have Tourist, Will Travel

Community Commentary: Have Tourist, Will Travel

Some of the great things about player-created challenges is they can reveal new ways to experience a game, inspire friendly competition, promote discussion within a community, and (of course) be a lot of fun. DamienJohn's Diablo III console challenge does all of that and more, and that's why this week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to his thread: "Guided Tours of Sanctuary" Hardcore Challenge.

The premise of the challenge is for you to protect a tourist while you visit the magnificent sights of Sanctuary. To set up this challenge, you just need to make a local co-op game on your console version of Diablo III, let one of the characters go idle, and then make sure to protect him or her while you adventure though Kehjistan and beyond.


DamienJohn outlines some of the important details in his thread (like what to gear the tourist with and what passive skills they should use, for example), so we encourage you to head over the Console Discussion forum to learn more and offer your feedback, or feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you'd prefer.

Good luck, safe travels, and make sure to keep that tourist alive!

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