Community Commentary: Remember When?

Community Commentary: Remember When?

A lot of things have changed Sanctuary since Diablo III launched on May 15th of 2012. While many of us may remember those early days, dying repeatedly to pre-nerf Desert Wasps in Act II (oh god, why), being flooded with Zombie Bears every time we partied with a Witch Doctor, or cursing Invulnerable Minions and always-on Reflects Damage whenever they rolled, there are some players who've forgotten these tidbits or simply started playing Diablo III after those updates had already taken place. So, for this week's Community Commentary, let's take a moment to share our fond memories and reminisce (constructively) in JuskiReigns "Diablo III: I remember when…" discussion on the Diablo Fans forums.

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Recalling how Diablo III has grown since its release is a great way to put some of the game's evolution into perspective, and can help bring the community together in a positive way. If you want to contribute to the conversation, then head over to JuskiReign's thread, or leave a comment below if you don't have an account with Curse to post with.

What's your best "Remember When?" memory?

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