Community Commentary: Quality of Life

Community Commentary: Quality of Life

It's time for another Community Commentary, and this week we'd like to highlight a discussion created by Tulki over on Reddit Diablo which asks:

So we know [Reaper of Souls] is bringing lots of big changes. What small quality of life changes would you want as well?

Quality of life updates are usually small changes that make navigating the game a little more convenient for everyone -- like highlighting numbers in green when it's an upgrade in the Quick Comparison window, for example, or marking the mini-map with a star icon whenever a Legendary item drops.


If you're having trouble narrowing down exactly what kind of changes qualify as "quality of life," here are a few more examples of things already in Diablo III to help get the creative process rolling:

  • Artisans can now craft items with materials in your stash
  • You can disable the confirmation box when salvaging Rare items
  • Combat notifications for party members

Join in with your own ideas (or just read along) in the original discussion thread on Reddit Diablo, and please feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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