Community Commentary: To Live is to Die

Community Commentary: To Live is to Die

Chances are that if you've played Diablo III for any significant period of time that you've died at some point in your journeys. In Hardcore mode, death is the end of the road for your hero. Death in Normal mode (or Softcore), however, is a very different affair, and the penalty for doing so is significantly less.

Every now and then the community likes to exchange ideas about dying in Normal mode, and this week we're highlighting one of those discussions started by Magna on the official Diablo III forums, who asks:

Currently, dying in Normal mode means that all of your equipped items suffer a 10% durability loss, and your character respawns at the nearest checkpoint. Some players feel that this is enough of a deterrent on its own, but others would like to see something different in place.

What do you think about the death penalty in Diablo III? Would you like to see a steeper penalty? Would you prefer a system that incentivizes survival rather than punishing mistakes? Let us know in the comment section below, or join the discussion on the Diablo III forums!

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