The Monk Revealed

The Monk Revealed

We have now unlocked our third hero -- the monk -- as we move toward the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15. On our Diablo III launch site, you can take in a plethora of information about these living instruments of divine justice.

As the militant arm of the Sahptev faith, the Veradani monks are priest-warriors who follow the divine injunctions of their Patriarchs, the rulers of Ivgorod. Known as the "City of the Patriarchs," Ivgorod is a religious oligarchy that, in ages past, held sway over a vast domain stretching to the deserts of Aranoch. The depredations of war and political turmoil have taken their toll since then, and now this holy city is all that remains of a once-great civilization.

Proceed to our Gathering of Heroes page to read all about the monk and their lore, watch a new class video, explore their proclivities, skills, armor, and weaponry, and check out an exclusive new short story about the monk, "Unyielding."

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